API Integration

API integrations bring together data from several sources, making it simpler to identify and resolve issues. Fleet managers are capable of making choices that are advantageous to the company based on the data from these integrations. Every area of fleet management is improved by GPS tracking. Using location intelligence and data mapping, you may design more effective routes with more accurate vehicle positions and distances. This makes it simpler to plan driver logistics, schedule jobs and dispatch. Fleet managers can complete less legal documents and simultaneously work on other projects to improve the company’s bottom line.

Paperless Solution

You may access information from throughout the organization from anywhere when systems are cloud-based and linked with APIs. Customers and coworkers may always keep drivers and field technicians informed and likewise. No waiting is required for documents to return to the office as video proofs, signed contracts and payment invoicing information can all be transmitted in a matter of minutes through the system.

Robust Fleet Maintenance

Fleets are kept in an efficient operating manner due to the robust API integrated systems, which makes vehicle maintenance much easier. Programs and systems can be monitored and coordinated to track preventative and emergency maintenance. To acquire a detailed image of a vehicle’s performance and health, odometer readings, engine diagnostics and past repair histories can be tracked. This significantly reduces downtime and saves money on maintenance repair and further prevents the truck from unnecessary wear and tear.

Geofencing Notifications

This AI-integrated technology promotes team productivity and safeguards your assets by creating a digital perimeter to specify a physical boundary using mapping and GPS data. If drivers are on schedule when they enter or exit a customer site, real-time alerts will be notified.

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