Artificial Intelligence Analytics

The conveyance of products and people is made safer, quicker and more affordable. AI assists managers in meeting their business needs and continuously monitoring their fleet. It assists in putting driver safety first while maintaining cost and efficiency. This ability enables firms to make more data-driven decisions that are demonstrated to aid in revenue growth.The system increases business margins with proper data analytics to achieve utmost fleet performance.

Artificial Intelligence in Fuel Procurement

i. Improve fuel economy

Other incidences of fuel theft can also be tracked using telematics. For example, fuel management systems can notify you when fuel levels drop dramatically in a short period of time. If someone is attempting to steal off fuel, fleet management will be notified in real time.


ii. Reduce fuel theft

Alerts for fuel capacity and location help you stay informed. Our system warns you when a vehicle’s Global Positioning System (GPS) location differs from the location where it was fueled when used in conjunction with our well-liked telematics integrations, enabling you to identify problematic activities as it develops.


iii. Reports on fuel efficiency

Obtain detailed information about the fleet vehicles’ whole fuel log. With the aid of our fuel tank level sensor, you are accessible into thorough reports on fueling, draining and mileage.

Artificial Intelligence in Driver & Vehicle Safety

Vehicle speeding and severe braking incidents can be detected using Ai’s driver behaviour. This data assists you in understanding and promoting safe driving throughout your fleet. Reduced idling time is another method fuel management systems can help you identify good driving behaviours and enhance fuel efficiency. Long-haul trucks are frequently idle for six to eight hours every day. Wasted fuel expenses, particularly for bigger fleets, can mount up to be a major price. Using data from fuel management systems, fleet managers may analyze and promote good fuel conservation behaviour. Fuel management data can also assist fleet managers in identifying drivers who require instruction.

Artificial Intelligence to Improve Fleet Downtime

With predictive maintenance and real time insights, diagnostic notifications provide you with immediate trigger of engine trouble codes. Regular engine maintenance ensures that your fleet operates at peak efficiency. Engines run more effectively and require less maintenance when they are cleaned and supported. As a result, engine health is a strong proxy for fuel efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence in Safety Video Telematics

Safety video telematics offers a comprehensive picture performance of the driver and the condition of the road, whilst lowering the risks of road accidents. Fleet managers are immediately alerted to risky driving behaviour, such as sudden acceleration or driver tiredness through immediate real-time alerts. Besides, fleet managers can also receive video proof right away in the event of an accident. This evidence can significantly speed up an insurance claim and even assist in reducing the increase in insurance costs following an accident.

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