Safety & Compliance

A 3 step solution specially designed for the drivers and fleet safety with a QR scan. All you need to do is to just scan the QR code and update the electronic pre-trip inspection list in regards to educating and instilling good driving etiquette among drivers as well as to encourage fleet safety. A driver checklist involving vehicle inspection and emergency protocols are implemented as a way to ensure the vehicle is in absolute good condition. This solution is able to countermeasure both the safety of drivers as well as other road users to reduce road crashes. The IoT integrated application also helps reduce the driver’s hecticness on trips, ensures systematized paperless documentation, a hassle-free submission and allows easy tracking of fleet vehicles.

Real Time Data

In reference to the APAD ICOP Code 11 driver logbook regulations, drivers’ needs to provide a logbook record for every bus in their fleet. Similarly, in the DriverCare application, fleet operators are required to key in their username and password into the system. They are required to check in with the vehicle number for each trip in order to access the necessary data. Respective vehicle information will be shown on the dashboard with the current location, date, time, status of vehicle, speed of vehicle, and fuel consumption. The application also allows contacts in case of emergencies.

Driver Compliance

The application monitors the speed of the vehicle while driving and sends immediate signals if the driver performs hard driving behaviour like exceeding speed limit, sudden acceleration and even harsh braking. The driver behavior score and driver ranking reports will be evaluated and reviewed, thus actions or solutions will be taken against the driver. Disciplinary action or enhancement on driving courses will be given to drivers who drive recklessly on the road. This GPS tracker ensures that drivers are aware of their driving style and promotes a safer road journey for all road users.

Fleet Operation Efficiency

Fleet operators must ensure that all their vehicles are equipped with such telematics applications in order to experience smooth fleet operation management. The system can monitor and record every movement and current active/inactive status of the vehicle. This application as mentioned was designed with the regulations set by APAD to promote a road-free of accidents.

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