Vehicle Control System

The system provides holistic workshop management, from booking to releasing the truck for tyre maintenance. The system helps workshop owners update all maintenance work that has been completed on a vehicle, focusing especially on tyre maintenance. This hassle free paperless documentation keeps records in one place which significantly reduces errors and eases filing as well as tracking of fleets. The integration provides seamless data sharing from foreman to vendors.

Systemized Integrated Dashboard

Enables the customer to view the cost report of the vehicle on a monthly basis. The tyre wear and tear condition can also be monitored as such on the monthly tyre stock, tyre condition status and tyre top locations. An inventory dashboard also allows you to keep track of the number of total tyres used on the vehicle and even ones that have been disposed of.

Efficient Operating Cost

Use automation in all aspects of your organization, such as asset tracking, daily activity management and inventory expense control. Reduced fuel consumption can be achieved by steering clear of harsh events. This is to ensure that the company makes a solid profit and that its fleet operations run smoothly simultaneously.

Easy Accessible Vehicle Maintenance

Scheduling truck maintenance will be simpler if you set up cloud-based telematics software with automated service reminders and smartphone accessibility. This significantly ensures that the vehicle is constantly up to date with the necessary services, without causing downtime or wear and tear of the truck.

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