#1 AI-Integrated
Fleet Management System In Malaysia
Single platform to track, monitor, and manage your vehicles, assets, fuel, expenses and more. Request Free Demo
Technology that
  • gives you full operation transparency
  • helps keep you compliant
  • optimizes your business
  • reduce operational cost

#1 AI-Powered
Fleet Management System in Malaysia & Indonesia

Single platform to track, monitor, and manage your vehicles, assets, fuel, expenses and more.

We are the national leader in fleet management and connected vehicles

Support 1000+ types

of GPS trackers in the global market.


Easy API Integration

with open fleet data ecosystem.


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Active Commercial Vehicles

Southeast Asia,

Coverage in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & Vietnam


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2G / 3G / 4G / 5G++

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Real-Time Visibility

SafeTruck combines data and tooling to take the headaches out of running a trucking business.
Get real-time visibility into the location, utilization, and health of your vehicles, equipment, and assets.
Replace with our product. For example:

Fleet Management

GPS Tracking

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

Transportation Management System (TMS)


Fuel Savings & Sustainability

Save on fuel and reduce your environmental impact with AI-powered insights and fleet fuel management.

Fuel Monitoring

Electric Vehicle Fleet Management System

Environmental, Social and Governance


AI-powered Safety & Compliance

Prevent accidents and protect drivers with the most accurate, fastest AI dash cam.

Driver Compliance

SafeVision AI Camera

Video Safety

There are other features that can help you

Fuel Level Sensor

A device that measures the fuel level in a vehicle’s tank.

Temperature Sensor

Measures the temperature inside or outside a vehicle.

Cargo Door Sensor

A sensor that detects the status of cargo doors on a vehicle.

Remote Immobilizer

Remotely prevent a vehicle from being started or driven.

SOS Button

A button for drivers to trigger emergency alerts or requests for assistance.

Vehicle Camera

Records video footage of a vehicle’s surroundings.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that help improve safety while driving.

Driver Fatigue Camera

Monitors driver behavior and alerts for signs of fatigue.

Driver Behavior

Driver behavior through monitoring of various metrics.

Passenger Counting

Counting the number of passengers on a vehicle.

RFID Sensor

RFID technology to track objects or people.

OBD2 / CAN Bus Reader & Control

Device that reads and controls the data from a vehicle’s OBD2 or CAN bus.

Rotational Sensor

Measures the rotational speed of a vehicle’s components.

Battery Voltage Sensor

Measures the voltage of a vehicle’s battery.

Bluetooth Sensor

Detects and transmits Bluetooth signals.

Power Take Off

Enables a vehicle’s engine to drive auxiliary equipment, such as pumps or generators.


Allows the setting of virtual boundaries and alerts for when a vehicle enters or exits them.

Tyre Pressure Sensor

A sensor that monitors the air pressure of a vehicle’s tires.

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