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A wrap at slingshot 2022



20 November 2022


SafeTruck conquers the summit of Mount Kinabalu


20 November 2022


SafeTruck makes it into the Top 50 at Slingshot 2022


20 October 2022


SafeTruck won the Huawei Spark Ignite Global 2022 competition


13 October 2022


SafeTruck seals top 15 finalists spot amongst 1500 applicants


11 October 2022


SafeTruck soars higher for setting a spot in the top 30


11 October 2022

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City Zone Express Sdn Bhd successfully saved RM 16, 000 fuel cost monthly with Trackvision’s idle monitoring

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SafeTruck helped prevent fuel theft by saving customer fuel monitoring system

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Jiabi increases operational efficiency with SafeTruck


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Ways how Drivercare complies with APAD/ICOP GPS Regulations


Telematic Insurance paving wat to a more safer fleet industry


How SafeTruck complies to APAD/ICOP Regulations in fleet management system

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Newsletters & Events


SLINGSHOT 2022 saw more than 3,600 startups from over 150 countries, competing in 5 domains such as in Health and Biomedical, Transformative Digital Technologies, Consumer Media, Goods and Services, Manufacturing, Trade and Connectivity, Environment, Energy as well as Green Technology. We are proud to say that SafeTruck made it to the TOP 50 global startups that pitched at the SLINGSHOT event.

After three days of intensive pitching, the SLINGSHOT 2022 Grand Finals was held at Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) on the 27th October 2022, at Resorts World Convention! The flagship featured global startups, investors, accelerators partners and over 300 speakers for anaction-packed week of conference sessions, networking and innovation lab crawls island wide. There were also sharing sessions on the insights of the latest tech trends and market opportunities as well as masterclasses for entrepreneurs. At the opening address, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, Heng Swee Keat shared about the launch of new innovation initiatives and how Singapore can be used by innovators as a gateway to global markets.

SafeTruck feels overwhelmed to be a part of this event alongside many amazingly talented startups. We leveraged our four days with building connections, widen networking and learning from global innovators and industry leaders of various fields. As a leading national provider in Easy Fleet Management, AI Safety & Compliance Solutions, and Insurance Telematics services, SafeTruck focuses strongly on AI technology development to discover customer potential and new business opportunities. Our mission is to increase the safety, efficiency and cost-savings of the operations that power the SEA economy, covering a wide range of industries. SafeTruck is ready to provide you with modern solutions for your businesses to achieve maximum fleet productivity and efficiency. Get in touch with our sales consultant directly for a better fleet understanding.


One of the highlights of last September was a teambuilding trip to Mount Kinabalu organized by SafeTruck’s engineering team. Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Borneo and Malaysia. At an elevation of 13,435 feet, it is the third highest peak of any island on Earth and the 20th most prominent mountain in the world by topographic extent. With a team of 10 people and 2 days of hard physical effort, the team managed to spur each other on and conquer the summit


“Good teams integrate teamwork into their culture, creating the foundation for success.”


SafeTruck believes that the most important success factor for climbing the summit is peer encouragement, communications, trust, coaching and confidence. Without all of this, the team will not be able to reach the summit. Bravo Team! You made it and did a
great teamwork! Great job!



Congratulations to SafeTruck for making it to the top 50 finalists in the SLINGSHOT 2022 competition out of 3,600 applications! We are very pleased to have been selected by more than 200 international judges after two rounds of virtual judging. This competition will be held in Singapore from October 25, 2022 to October 28, 2022. We  are delighted and proud of SafeTruck’s achievements and would like to attribute this global reputation to the founder, Mr. Wilson Yew, co-founder, Ms. Yin Yin Low and the entire team.


This year marks the sixth edition of SLINGSHOT,which has received applications from over 150 countries. SLINGSHOT is looking for companies in five emerging problem areas that can present breakthrough solutions, and this is a chance to showcase our solution in one of the world’s leading startup hotspots. The top 50 startups will receive a funded trip to Singapore to immerse themselves in the startup ecosystem and pitch to a global audience of key investors, industry experts, and thought leaders


Finalists will participate in a 3.5-day programme designed specifically for them to connect with partners from the local ecosystem through face-to-face meetings. They are introduced to potential investors and corporate partners with whom these startups could partner on a project. They will also be introduced to company-specific services to determine the viability of having a presence in Singapore. They will then compete live in front of a global audience at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore for the title of grand
winner of SLINGSHOT 2022 and cash prizes of  up to S$1.2 million.


WE WON! We are overwhelmed and proud to say that we are the big winner of the Huawei Spark Ignite Global 2022 competition held last night in Singapore. 


On October 11, 2022, our co-founder, Ms. Yin Yin Low, represented SafeTruck team in the final round of Huawei Spark Ignite Global 2022. With her remarkable performance on stage, our efforts and hard work finally got this global recognition.


Our founding team would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team:
SafeTruck, we won the first prize! It’s not about the prize, it’s about the recognition for all our hard work! We want to thank you for your dedication, contributions and teamwork! Together we have taken Safetruck to a new level of development. We believe more opportunities will come, and together we will make SafeTruck even stronger and unbeatable! Good work team and Go SafeTruck!


SafeTruck is now one of the leading providers of AI-integrated fleet management solutions in Malaysia. Wepromote digital transformation in logistics and believe that with this recognition, we will create more confidence among our customers and partners and provide them with more efficiency, flexibility and resilience in their business.


Congratulations again to the team! Truly a proud achievement! Go SafeTruck!



Congratulations to SafeTruck for sealing in the Top 15 Finalist spot of the Huawei Spark Ignites Global Competition! A huge shout out to our founder, Mr Wilson Yew, Co- founder Ms Yin Yin Low and our SafeTruck team on their great efforts towards this achievement. It is overwhelming to see SafeTruck reach such global acceptance. We have competed amongst 1500 applications, gone through 4 rounds of selection and now striving on to next week to become the Grand Winner of the Huawei Spark Ignites Global Competition.


The Huawei Spark Ignite Global Competition 2022 is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in joining their accelerator programme, where ideas can become new realities owing to committed resources, contacts and mentorship. The programme will provide a venue for Malaysia’s skilled and ambitious entrepreneurs to demonstrate their skills and fully realize their digital potential. This program enables companies and assists them in contributing to the digital and societal divides by providing new value as well as new business opportunities.


With the help of Internet of Things (IoT) and our Connected Operations Cloud solutions, the analytics insights that SafeTruck provides to the customers become more prevalent and noticeable in the market. We can tailor made fully customized fleet management systems which can communicate with any of the latest or advanced devices that helps businesses elevate safety, productivity and sustainability to improve operations and increase business insights.


The Grand Winner will get a total of US186K in Huawei Cloud credits and grants, as well as a fast track ticket to Top 50 of Slingshot 2022. Let us support and wish SafeTruck the very best of luck for the upcoming competition!


Stay tuned for a livestream link!


Soaring as one of the Top 30 of the Huawei x Nexea Accelerator Program more than 1000 other startups, we are overwhelmed and proud of the achievements set by SafeTruck. A huge congratulations and well done to our founder, Mr Wilson Yew, Co-founder Ms Yin Yin Low and our SafeTruck team on their great efforts and hardwork towards growing the business and bringing the company to such global recognition.


 ” The initiative will give mentorship, workshops, and technical and business support to these entrepreneurs. All 30 firms are competing for an RM250,000 investment, up to RM1,000,000 in follow-on finance, and Huawei Cloud Credits worth up to USD$125,000. Three startups will be chosen to compete in the Huawei Spark global competition and hope SafeTruck seals the spot. “


SafeTruck strives to become a leading national provider of Easy Fleet Management, Safety & Compliance Solutions as well as Insurance Telematics services with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence technology development to discover customer potential. SafeTruck assists clients with real-time actionable business intelligence based on advanced technology and reliable telematics data and helps transporters manage costs, generate revenue, handle insurance and more.


Huawei Spark Accelerator Malaysia is a Startup Accelerator programme for technology startups to receive funding, mentoring, and support from investors, mentors, and corporations. These startups will have access to 40+ Angel Investors through a potential investment range of RM50,000 to RM250,000.

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Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD), formerly known as Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) introduced the Safety Guideline and Industrial Code of Practice (ICOP), requiring fleet operators to install and maintain Global Positioning System (GPS) Trackers on all vehicles as a mandatory component to renew APAD JPJ Permit, in an effort to increase the safety of road users.

Meanwhile, road accidents have steadily increased over the past decades rising from 414,421 in 2010 to 567,516 in 2019. According to the safety guidelines by ICOP of Code 13, operators need to install GPS devices to monitor and gather all essential data regarding the driving speeds, locations, and driving behavior patterns.

According to the provisions of ‘Akta Pengangkutan Awam Darat 2010’ and the implementation of ‘Syarat Am’ of Keperluan Tahap Perkhidmatan (KTP), all operators and licensees of public transportation vehicles are required to make sure each vehicle is outfitted with a GPS and functions to monitor and record all trips. The authorized operator must grant GPS system access and integration as required by APAD. As a result, drivers will be more responsible and fleet operators will know exactly where a vehicle is if it requires assistance. Whether it’s a broken down engine or another emergency, fleet managers can dispatch roadside assistance to aid their driver.

Whether you need real-time data to manage your drivers and vehicles, or GPS recording to comply with the APAD regulations, DriverCare meets your operational needs and is fully compliant with relevant guidelines and regulations. To foster a healthy competition among peers and promote a safe driving culture, GPS will be observed and evaluated through an intelligent analytics dashboard to monitor the current location of fleet vehicles.

DriverCare aims to promote safe driving among fleet operators by monitoring, assessing and evaluating each movement of the road pilots. A good road etiquette is vital as it helps reduce accidents and instills civic-minded driving among the drivers. At the same time, the technology helps drivers to abide by the compliance and improve on-the-job performance whilst lowering operating costs. There have been significant changes in driver’s behaviour after the implementation of our application in just one months time.



  1. Real Time Data

In reference to the APAD ICOP Code 11 driver logbook regulations, drivers’ needs to provide a logbook record for every bus in their fleet. Similarly, in the DriverCare application, fleet operators are required to key in their username and password into the system. They are required to check in with the vehicle number for each trip in order to access the necessary data. Respective vehicle information will be shown on the dashboard with the current location, date, time, status of vehicle, speed of vehicle, and fuel consumption. The application also allows contacts in case of emergencies.


  1. Driver Compliance

The application monitors the speed of the vehicle while driving and sends immediate signals if the driver performs hard driving behaviour like exceeding speed limit, sudden acceleration and even harsh braking. The driver behavior score and driver ranking reports will be evaluated and reviewed, thus actions or solutions will be taken against the driver. Disciplinary action or enhancement on driving courses will be given to drivers who drive recklessly on the road. This GPS tracker ensures that drivers are aware of their driving style and promotes a safer road journey for all road users.


  1. Fleet Operation Efficiency

Fleet operators must ensure that all their vehicles are equipped with such telematics applications in order to experience smooth fleet operation management. The system can monitor and record every movement and current active/inactive status of the vehicle. This application as mentioned was designed with the regulations set by APAD to promote a road-free of accidents.


With the DriverCare GPS feature, businesses have access to more information than just a vehicle’s location at any given time. Users can now gain a better understanding of their fleet’s functioning because of advancements in telematics devices, sensors, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The advent of AI will help businesses to gain in-depth knowledge of their vehicle performances and make better decisions.Businesses may gain a holistic view of performance and pinpoint improvement areas by gathering knowledge about driver behaviour, compliance, vehicle maintenance, and job management. Get to know how our DriverCare application can help you better manage your fleet to boost your business. Reach out to our sales consultants today!


Fleet management may be made easier with the use of telematics technology. Furthermore, by integrating insurance providers with telematics, insurance prices might be reduced. This saves money for fleet operators and brings more business to insurance carriers at a lower risk. Insurers require various methods to analyze risk and telematics systems are ideal. Fleet technology system that monitors and reports on driver behaviour in the operation of the vehicle provides tangible benefits. Data on driving patterns such as severe braking, acceleration, cornering, speeding and lane changing would allow fleet managers and insurance providers to review risk engineering strategies, resulting in a reduction in the cost of risk for the motor fleet.


Telematics driven usage-based insurance systems provide numerous benefits to both insurers and fleet operators. Driving safely and efficiently minimizes costs while increasing profit margins. Dash cam telematics is crucial in monitoring real-time driver behaviour. The video footage and incident insights are published to the dashboard, allowing insurers to determine the exact reason of an incident by providing critical data to comprehend. With technological developments, such goods have seen increased usage.




  1. Improves Driving Habits


The telematics device collects information about the customer’s driving habits and usage. It
can reward customers with lower premiums if it detects safe driving behaviour. By more
closely linking insurance rates to actual individual usage, insurers may price premiums
more correctly and transparently, which typically leads to consumer satisfaction. It also
allows customers to reduce their insurance premiums by driving fewer miles and practicing
better driving behaviours. Driving more safely helps reduce accidents and car emissions,
which benefits the general society.


  1. Telematics Data Insights


Insurance firms can obtain a fairly accurate picture of their clients’ on-road driving behaviour with the introduction of both mobile and device-based telematics solutions. Insurers can utilize this data individually or collectively to better understand how drivers behave at different times of day or while driving a certain car. Simultaneously, insurers can gather a wealth of information about their clients’ behaviour, allowing them to identify low- risk groups. This is a powerful tool for determining whether a customer is worth keeping.Data-driven insights provide a more comprehensive picture of individual risk profiles while also lowering claim loss rates through faster and more intelligent claim management.


  1. Build an Accident-Free Road Culture


Telematics platforms can also be used to measure driving behavior metrics with driver scorecards. These metrics are able to provide fleet drivers with instant feedback on their driving behaviour, assisting them in developing safer driving habits. At an event of accidents, fleet telematics assists insurers in more correctly estimating damages and reducing false claims by evaluating vehicle data such as hard braking, cornering or speeding during those accidents. The use of telematics data helps create an accident-free journey for the drivers as well as other road users.



SafeTruck has joined hands with insurers in Malaysia to provide established premium costs based on additional risk variables such as car safety, security features, geographical location and traffic offenses on record. We firmly strive to inspire innovation in fleet tech and devote our talents to create superior products and services for a better society. We also believe that our corporate vision is to assist the logistic industry throughout the world reach their maximum potential. Hence, helping fleet operators achieve the best, both in business and safety has always been our goal!


Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD), formerly known as Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) introduced the Safety Guideline and
Industrial Code of Practice (ICOP). The main results expected with the implementation of the S.P.A.D ICOP which is Safety for Goods Vehicle Operators program are:

  1. Make safety practises a priority for every Licensed Operator of Goods Vehicles
  2. Attach importance to moral values to overcome problems and weaknesses in the safety practices of each Licensed Operator of Goods Vehicles
  3. Make safety practices the culture and norm of the ground public transport industry

As frequently seen these days, the number of traffic accidents has continuously climbed over the years, reaching a number of 402,626 incidents from January to September 2022 in Malaysia, with 4,378 fatality cases according to news. As a result, APAD assisted in reducing fleet accidents by taking administrative and legal action against operators who break safety laws, as well as revoking the operator’s licence and vehicle permission. Additionally, in accordance with the safety standards established by ICOP in Code 13, operators are required to install Global Positioning System (GPS) devices to track and gather all relevant data regarding vehicle speeds, positions, and driving behaviour patterns.

SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System adheres to APAD ICOP Code 13, which is the installation of GPS trackers. A fleet management system makes it simple for fleet managers to locate their vehicles, keep an eye on traffic conditions, track idling time to save money on fuel, and lower the chances of accidents by improving driver performance. The Safety Guidelines and Industrial Code of Practice (ICOP), which are also introduced by APAD, mandates that fleet operators install and maintain Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers. All vehicles must have trackers since they are a crucial part of renewing an APAD JPJ permit.

“SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System adheres to APAD ICOP Code 13, which is the installation of GPS trackers.”


DriverCare is a driver app that aids drivers to fully fill the checklist submission efficiently with a quick 3 steps process. Operators of fleets must provide driving logbooks and contain information about vehicle movements and driver substitutions. The driver’s name, date, time of birth, time of arrival, time of rest, and travel distance must all be recorded. DriverCare, which
is SafeTrucks fleet management system, is the app that features Track Attendance (Check In & Out), Checklist Submission, Emergency Call, Vehicle & Driver Info and Licence Expiry reminder. The Driving Scoring feature is also available for fleet owners or operators to check on
drivers’ driving behaviour. Therefore, it is crucial for fleet operators to purchase a functioning, trustworthy, and SIRIM-approved GPS to track the whereabouts of their vehicles and their driving styles.

Fleet operators must enter their login and password into the system in order to access real-time data of SafeTruck’s systems in accordance with APAD ICOP code 11. To get the essential information, they must check in using the vehicle number associated with each journey. As a result, the programme will display vehicle
information such as a dashboard with the current position, date, and time, as well as the status, speed, and fuel consumption of the vehicle.



Code 13 with a GPS Tracker installation is the second APAD ICOP. All buses must be fitted with bus GPS Trackers, according to bus fleet operators. The GPS tracker must be able to track the vehicle’s speed and location.

The driver’s vehicle status, ignition, initial drive, PTO (Power Take Off), time, speed, device status, current mileage, and others may all be tracked using the SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System. It can guarantee compliance with regulations right from their fingertips. SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System was created with the purpose of complying with APAD ICOP regulations set by the government. Every movement and the vehicle’s current active or inactive status can be tracked and recorded by the system from time to time.


The APAD ICOP Code 14 for Tracker Monitoring and Surveillance requires fleet operators to ensure that each vehicle’s speed is constantly tracked while it is in use and that swift action is taken when a driver is reckless or exceeds the speed limit. Additionally, it will assess and look over the GPS monitoring system’s report.

According to ‘The Borneo Post’ news, after numerous bus accidents, wrecks, and fatalities recorded in 2012, vehicle safety became a concern in 2013, which is when the Industrial Code of Practice was implemented, which significantly ensured that every voyage was safe for both drivers and passengers. DriverCare is an application by SafeTruck that can monitor and control driving behaviour. Complete records of driver behaviour are provided, driver scorecard parameters are managed, drivers with higher risk profiles are highlighted, and additional management needs are satisfied. Truck drivers perform better, making it easier to locate their trucks, monitor traffic conditions, track idle time to save money on fuel, and lower the risk of accidents. With the real-time information gathered, they may download and assess the GPS trackers every day as required by APAD after each journey to check on
the performance of the drivers.

It is possible to guarantee regulatory compliance from the palm of your hand with SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System. The application is simple to use because it allows for real-time data access and updates on vehicle movements. The IoT-integrated application also aids in easing the stress of the driver while driving, ensures systematised paperless documentation,
hassle-free filing and enables simple fleet vehicle

SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System in accordance with the safety regulations set by the government offers you a comprehensive service plan that includes lifetime hardware warranty, installation, subscription, troubleshooting, and round-the-clock emergency support at any time of the day.



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