City Zone Express Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with SafeTruck’s SafeVision

City Zone Express Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with SafeTruck’s SafeVision
Version 06/2023 – 15 June 2023 – 3 Minutes

City Zone Express Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with SafeTruck’s SafeVision


City Zone Express is a prominent transportation company that provides services within urban areas. They operate a large fleet of vehicles, including trucks, vans and buses, to meet the growing demand for reliable transportation services. However, City Zone Express faced challenges related to driver safety, operational efficiency, and the need to comply with stringent industry regulations. To address these issues, they partnered with SafeTruck and implemented SafeVision, an advanced video safety solution powered by artificial intelligence and cutting-edge camera technology.


City Zone Express started as a small office providing industrial customs clearance services to other freight forwarders in Prai, Penang, Malaysia, and aimed to expand its business into other areas of logistics service providers in Malaysia.

In 2008, the decision to merge with Singapore-listed Chasen Holdings Limited successfully helped City Zone Express expand and build a larger network in a short period of time. Today, under the leadership of Mr Raj and the subsidiaries of Chasen Group, City Zone Express has a fleet of over 260 vehicles, its own warehouses and container depots in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and China.

City Zone Express recognized the importance of prioritizing safety and efficiency in their operations. They sought a comprehensive solution that could enhance driver safety, reduce accidents, improve operational efficiency, and provide valuable insights for decision-making. SafeVision, offered by SafeTruck, emerged as the ideal solution to meet their requirements. SafeVision combines advanced cameras and AI technology to deliver comprehensive video safety solutions for fleets.


City Zone Express faced several challenges in their operations. They struggled with maintaining a high level of driver safety, as accidents and collisions posed significant risks to their drivers, vehicles and passengers. Additionally, they needed to improve operational efficiency to optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize maintenance costs. Meeting compliance standards and adhering to industry regulations were also critical challenges that City Zone Express aimed to address.

“SafeVision helps in running their daily business which helps to capture driver’s attitude, prevent accidents, maintain road safety, check driver’s static and monitor drivers behavior. It also helps in preventing collisions with advanced detection. Their drivers also become safer after having SafeVision. From the benefit of SafeVision, we also receive any alerts while our drivers are using mobile phones while driving, harsh driving, distracted driving or tailgating.

It has been very helpful for SafeVision we can prevent accidents before they happen with real-time alerts. Since, we are receiving satisfying services from this system, it also has made us come back more in various types of services in the way that we could manage our safety efficiently”    -Mr Baldev City Zone Express Sdn Bhd


SafeTruck’s SafeVision proved to be the game-changing solution for City Zone Express. The implementation of SafeVision enabled City Zone Express to tackle their challenges effectively. The AI-powered cameras installed in their fleet vehicles provided real-time video monitoring and analysis of driver behavior, allowing the company to identify risky driving patterns and take proactive measures to improve safety. SafeVision’s advanced technology also detected potential collision risks and issued warnings, helping drivers avoid accidents and minimize damage.

Our Solution SafeVision AI Dash Cams
  • Capture High-Definition Video of Critical Events

Instantly review collisions, near-misses, distracted driving and more, with HD footage uploaded to the cloud and tagged with behaviors within minutes of an event occurring, providing you with context. Trip stills can be uploaded every few minutes.

  • Access Video Evidence in The Moments that Matter

Retrieve hundreds of hours of video on-demand through the SafeTruck dashboard within minutes. Combine video retrieval with SafeTruck’s Proximity Search to pinpoint accident details based on GPS location and exonerate drivers.

  • Prevent Accidents Before They Happen with Real Time Alerts

Mobile Usage : Remind drivers to put down their phone while driving
Harsh Driving :  Automatically detect harsh braking, acceleration, turning, and crashes.

  • Real Time Alerts

Rolling Stops :  Detect when a vehicle doesn’t come to a complete stop
Distracted Driving : Remind drivers to focus on the road when they become distracted.
Tailgating : Detects and proactively coaches drivers when they follow vehicles too closely.
No SeatBelt :  Remind drivers to put on their seatbelts at the start of the trip.

  • Protect Privacy With Identity Blurring

Obscure driver, passenger, pedestrian, and license plate data – one of the many ways SafeTruck’s AI Dash Cams are designed to help customers meet their privacy needs.

Furthermore, SafeVision’s route optimization feature integrated with GPS systems and provided real-time traffic updates. This allowed City Zone Express to optimize their routes, reduce fuel consumption,and improve operational efficiency. The solution’s video footage and data analytics provided valuable insights into driver performance, enabling City Zone Express to implement targeted training programs to enhance driving skills and promote safe driving habits.


SafeTruck’s SafeVision solution has digitized City Zone Express’ business process and process efficiency. By using AI-powered cameras and advanced technology, City Zone Express successfully addressed driver safety, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance challenges. SafeVision’s real-time monitoring, route optimization, and behavior analysis enhanced safety, reduced accidents, and improved fuel efficiency. Valuable insights from SafeVision enabled targeted training and safe driving promotion, resulting in reduced accidents, costs and increased profitability. By leveraging SafeTruck’s fleet management technology, City Zone Express exemplified the transformative impact of cutting-edge technology on enhancing urban transportation systems.

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