About Us

The founder has the unique opportunity to work with and comprehend firsthand the difficulties his family’s logistics company has, as well as the limitations of the traditional tracking method. Other businesses had the same problems—namely, a lack of visibility, poor communication, and resource waste. SafeTruck made the decision to embark on a project to create software that will effectively manage the fleet, maximize resource usage, connect all telematics, and provide the most beneficial solution to the sector. With this in mind, SafeTruck Sdn Bhd was founded in 2017, and since then, the business has experienced tremendous growth.

SafeTruck is a leading provider of Fleet Management, Safety, and Compliance services, pioneering the use of IoT telematics with AI. Our aim is to drive the digitization of fleet operations with a focus on safety and cost savings solutions while also supporting ESG initiatives. Our operations span Malaysia and Indonesia, where we track 15,000 vehicles daily across various industries and fleet sizes, including logistics, transportation, construction, field services, government, healthcare, education, and manufacturing. By integrating legacy telematics controllers with modern IoT technology, we provide a hardware-agnostic, end-to-end cost-efficient solution. This allows us to develop a single source of truth in fleet operation digitization, which has enabled our customers to save up to 30% of annual revenue by lowering operating costs and achieving 0% accident rates. Join us in Southeast Asia and drive towards a safer fleet.


Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to inspire innovation in Fleet Tech and devote our talents to create superior products and services for a better society. At SafeTruck, our goal is to encourage creativity in Fleet Technology and utilise our skills to develop exceptional products and services that contribute towards a more prosperous community.

Our Vision

Our Corporate Vision is to satisfy our customer’s needs efficiently and effectively to provide high quality service by providing excellent support and enough competent resources in order for our customers to sustain their healthy and profitable growth throughout their business needs. At our organisation, we envision empowering the logistics industry to realise its ultimate capabilities on a global level.

Significant Milestone

Significant milestones are notable achievements or events that mark a significant moment in an organization’s history, development or growth. These milestones can include major accomplishments, breakthroughs, or turning points that have helped shape the organization’s direction, success and impact. By reflecting on these milestones, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges, as well as recognize the hard work and dedication of team members who contributed to their success. Additionally, celebrating significant milestones can help to inspire and motivate teams to continue to strive for excellence in their future endeavors.


The mission of SafeTruck is to revolutionize the fleet industry through the utilization of cutting-edge innovation, large-scale data analysis, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology that is based in the cloud.


SafeTruck, a fleet management company that operates on IoT technology, has become the first of its kind to receive support from Cradle Fund, which is a part of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF). In the current year, SafeTruck has accomplished the acquisition of over 1000 commercial vehicles in the northern and central regions of Malaysia.


SafeTruck has successfully completed its initial investment round, which was backed by Penang Development Corporation and Penang i4 Seed Fund (PDC). The business has also formed a strategic alliance with telematics service providers and Easybook (M) Sdn Bhd, a well-known online platform for purchasing transportation tickets in Southeast Asia. These partnerships are meant to improve SafeTruck's position as the industry leader in IoT system aggregation.


Despite the epidemic, SafeTruck, a firm whose goal is to advance ESG digitization, has seen a phenomenal 200% surge in vehicle acquisition in Malaysia. SafeTruck has enabled its customers to improve their fleet operations by integrating IoT technology to provide them increased data transparency, which enables better monitoring and control.


SafeTruck has created a one-stop solution for vehicle control management that is integrated with full control over fuel monitoring and is equipped with workshop and breakdown services through partnerships with prominent providers and oil and gas businesses. We have begun to cater to our customers who are headquartered in Sabah and Sarawak in eastern Malaysia. By maximizing fleet operations, SafeTruck, a universal telematics digital fabrication, has effectively assisted our customer in saving up to 30% of annual revenue.


In its three years of commercialization, SafeTruck has achieved its objective of maximizing customer business potential. It also intends to bridge the information gap between drivers and vehicles for enhanced data transparency when reviewing end-to-end fleet operations.

With the daily tracking of 15,000 commercial vehicles, we have reached USD $1 million. In order to upend the insurance telematics for logistics industry, SafeTruck additionally struck a relationship with Malaysia's first digital insurer.

We intend to assure safety ICOP compliance with the official introduction of DriverCare, a driver-focused mobile application recognised by Malaysia's Ministry of Transportation (MoT).

SafeTruck's global recognition as a Top 30 startup in the Nexea Accelerator Program. We got the investment and also fostering mentorship. We also get to expand the SafeTruck industry network for enterprise customers!

Safetruck won the global winner! Almost 1500 applications from over 40 different nations competed in the Huawei Spark Ignite Global Competition 2022, and we took home the top prize.

We were then chosen from among 3,600 startups from more than 150 markets, including renowned startup hotspots like Israel, Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam, for inclusion in the Top 50 Global Startups in SLINGSHOT 2022.

During the SLINGSHOT 2022 Competition at Singapore, we won SGD $30k for Huawei Spark Ignite Global Competition.

With 600 applications, we were accepted into the 7th cohort of Advancing Asia with a 1.5% acceptance rate.

March 2023

SafeTruck got a chance to pitch on Investor Demo Day. SafeTruck's presentation was well-received by the investors, who expressed interest in the startup's innovative solution and its potential for growth.

SafeTruck had the honor of participating in Cloud Native Solution Day, a collaborative effort with Zetpy, Delyva, and AC2 Group, sponsored by Zebra Technologies. The event highlighted the integration of fleet management with a cloud-native warehouse management system, enhancing end-to-end visibility and operational efficiency. The positive response and valuable insights from Mr. Malik Murad Ali, CIO of Mydin Malaysia, were instrumental in the event's success.

May 2023

SafeTruck expanded geographically in Indonesia to provide greater service throughout Southeast Asia.

June 2023

SafeTruck has been recognized as an ESG partner in the GVC programme supported by Bank Negara Malaysia in June 2023. Our solutions prioritize sustainability by addressing key challenges in the transportation industry. We focus on eliminating empty miles, reducing emissions, and optimizing fuel usage. This recognition highlights our commitment to promoting sustainable practices and making a positive impact on the environment.

SafeTruck showcased groundbreaking fleet safety solutions at InnovFest 2023, Singapore Expo. Our advanced technology transforms operations for safety, efficiency, and sustainability. The event provided a glimpse into the future of fleet management, showcasing SafeTruck's leadership in transforming transportation. Excitingly, we launched three new products: SafeVision, EV Fleet Management Solution, and ESG Reporting.

SafeTruck was a proud participant at the IATA-PFFA Air Cargo Day and DG Workshop 2023, reinforcing its commitment to collaboration and digital transformation in the air cargo community. The workshop served as a valuable platform for collaboration and digital transformation in the industry.

July 2023

We proudly join the Huawei Developer Conference Global Partners Chapters, exploring AI, big data, and cloud-native innovations. This collaboration with Huawei marks a significant step forward for SafeTruck, solidifying its role in shaping the future of logistics and mobility.

August 2023

SafeTruck collaborates with MDEC, Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industries Philippines, Eastern Communications, and the Malaysian Embassy in Manila for DEX Connex Philippines 2023. The event's success strengthens SafeTruck's position in the international market, bringing new opportunities for growth and reinforcing its commitment to innovation and global partnerships.

September 2023

SafeTruck had the honor of participating in Huawei Connect 2023 in Shanghai with Huawei Singapore. This opportunity allowed us to explore cutting-edge advancements in intelligent technology, deepening our understanding of Huawei's ecosystem. Connecting with industry leaders and top minds, this propels SafeTruck forward in driving innovation within the intelligent technology landscape.

October 2023

SafeTruck proudly participated in the Pink Trail Run & ESG Treasure Hunt 2023 alongside MAKNA and partners, actively contributing to cancer awareness, holistic well-being, charitable causes, and social sustainability. This event aligns with our commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement, reinforcing our dedication to significant social causes.

SafeTruck proudly represented Malaysia at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) with the ASEAN Secretariat ECOTECH. We successfully showcased innovative solutions in Fleet Management, Safety, and ESG Compliance, gaining exposure among over 3,200 exhibitors globally. This participation not only honored Malaysia on the global stage but also facilitated international connections and business opportunities.

November 2023

At #MALT2023, SafeTruck unveils the seamless integration of its AI fleet control system with AC2 Wave's WMS. This strategic collaboration marks a significant stride in intelligent warehouse automation and transportation, aligning with Industry 4.0 principles. Our commitment to advancing a total supply chain solution underscores our dedication to ushering in the era of smart factories.

Meet Our Members

Board of Founders


Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer


Corporate Consultant

Executive Team


Head of Business Development - Global SaaS Partnership


Head of Engineering - SaaS Platform


Head of Engineering - IoT Platform


Head of Engineering - Data Platform


Lead of Fuel Monitoring Team

Jason Chuah

Lead of R&D and Technical Support Team


Lead of Customer Relations Team

Core Values


We love what we do


We keep striving no matter how challenging the circumstances


We value honesty, transparency and commitment

Team work

Every one plays an important role and has a say in a product or service

Grow together

There is no greater joy than to see each member grow in their personal development

Recognition / Awards

Huawei Spark Ignite Global 2022 Competition - CHAMPION

Top 50 Finalists at Slingshot Competition


Accelerating Asia 2022 - Cohort 7

Cradle CIP 3.0

Wilson Yew

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Wilson Yew is the founder of Safe Truck Sdn Bhd, a company that provides fleet management solutions using IoT devices to digitise fleet businesses and offer full visibility on fleet operations.

Prior to starting SafeTruck, Mr. Yew worked as a Regional Engineer Manager at Hewlett Packard for 11 years and also owned an IT services and solution provider company. In addition, he has 10 years of experience as a Fleet Operation Consultant in a logistics company.

With his extensive experience in fleet operations, Mr. Yew recognized the importance and benefits of digitization in the Malaysian fleet industry. In 2017, he assembled his own team to develop solutions that address the needs of fleet industries. Today, under his leadership, SafeTruck is helping businesses optimise their fleet operations and improve efficiency through innovative technology solutions.

Yin Yin Low

Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer


With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and previous industry experience at Google and Grab, Yin brings a wealth of technical expertise and industry knowledge to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at SafeTruck. As CTO, Yin is responsible for overseeing the development of the company’s technology platforms and solutions, ensuring that they are built using the latest and most effective techniques in AI and other relevant fields.

Having worked at Google and Grab, Yin has experience with building and scaling large-scale technology solutions, as well as managing complex engineering teams. This experience is valuable in leading the development of SafeTruck’s technology solutions and ensuring that they are scalable and efficient.

Yin’s PhD in Artificial Intelligence also provides a deep understanding of the underlying principles and techniques used in building intelligent systems, which can inform the development of SafeTruck’s AI-driven products and services. With Yin’s leadership, SafeTruck can continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving field of technology solutions for the transportation industry.

Ong Choon Seng

Corporate Consultant


Mr Ong was appointed to assist the founders of SafeTruck,a company that provides fleet management solutions using IoT devices to digitalise fleet businesses and a full suite of solutions to the transportation industry.

He was attached with Genting Malaysia Bhd and has more than 28 years of working experience across different industries, business segments and geographical locations. His wealth of knowledge and experience has added to the depth and perspective to drive the business forward and lead to greater achievement.

He shared the same vision as the founders on the importance and benefits of digitalization in the Malaysian transportation and fleet industry. He believed that SafeTruck is the pioneer and an industry leader in innovative technology solutions.

Joelton Ong

Head of Business Development – Global SaaS Partnership


Joelton Ong is the Head of Business Development – Global SaaS Partnership. Joelton leverages his 15 years of experience in Sales to design and implement sales also marketing strategies that drive market share growth and enable attainment of sales and profitability goals.

Now, by working in SafeTruck proof that there is an improvement and also growth that can be seen from different perspectives.

Hooi Min P’ng

Head of Engineering – SaaS Platform


As the head of engineering for the SaaS platform, Hooi Min oversees the primary team of software developers during the initial R&D phase of Track Vision FMS.

The responsibilities encompass the entire software project lifecycle, including planning, scheduling, budgeting, execution and final delivery.

She is also in charge manage all the activities of the software development team and set goals for each team member to ensure timely and high-quality work delivery.

Wei Siong Tan

Head of Engineering – IoT Platform


With close to 5 years of experience as a Senior Software Engineer, Wei Siong is responsible for the development of protocol integration and primarily focuses on the Refuel Module, Email Reporting Module, Email and SMS Notification Module for FMS.

In his current role as Head of Engineering for an IoT Platform, he leads a team of skilled developers in building and integrating cutting-edge IoT solutions. He is also a critical thinker who possesses a talent for developing innovative solutions to complex problems.

Chee Phang Lee

Head of Engineering – Data Platform


By collaborating closely with the team, Chee Phang spearheads the Data Platform department’s efforts to construct, tailor, and integrate business processes and application requirements.

Additionally, he devises architectures such as encompassing software that cater to client needs while also accommodating current and future cross-functional requirements and interfaces.

He works closely with the team to ensure that they meet project timelines and deliverables while staying within budgetary constraints.

Norhaszuani Binti Abdul Rhafar

Lead of Fuel Monitoring Team


With more than 8 years of experience in the Fuel Monitoring department, Wany oversees the monitoring of vehicles, the computation of calibration data for fuel readings, and the analysis of high fuel consumption and data accuracy.

She ensures that her team is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to maintain accurate and reliable fuel readings, which in turn contributes to the optimization of fuel usage and reduction of costs.

Jason Chuah

Lead of R&D and Technical Support Team


In his capacity as a leader of the Technical Support team, Jason ensures that he has a constant overview of the R&D and technical support functions to facilitate the effective operation and maintenance of Field Technical Equipment.

Moreover. he guarantees that the company’s R&D and Technical Support functions achieve the budgeted financial performance.

Pavitra Gunasekaran

Lead of Customer Relations Team


Pavitra is the Customer Relations team and enhances business relationships with customers by means of interactions.

As the lead of the Customer Relations Team, Pavitra is responsible for leading her team in improving business relationships with customers through regular interaction and communication. She ensures that her team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide excellent customer service and support.