Monitor Fuel Monitoring Usage

SafeTruck system provides real-time data on fuel consumption, fuel level, and fuel usage patterns. This helps fleet managers to monitor the fuel usage of their vehicles and identify any fuel theft or inefficiencies.

Data on Fuel Consumption

Fleet Managers can Detect Fuel Theft


Decrease Operational Costs, Increase Fuel Efficiency

Stay steps ahead from pilferage with the help of our fuel tracking device. Get instant alerts about fuel drainage and know your vehicle’s average fuel consumption.

Get precise data about the complete fuel log of your vehicle. Obtain detailed reports about refueling, drainage, and mileage with our fuel tank level sensor.

Fuel Theft Prevention

Fuel Efficiency Reports


Coach drivers and address vehicles that need attention as part of your fleet fuel management. Maximize efficiency and minimize your C02 emissions.

Implement driver coaching programs as part of your fleet fuel management for those who need improvement, and incentive programs to retain top drivers.

Fuel Efficiency

Decrease Operational Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fuel Monitoring System?

A Fuel Monitoring System is a device or set of devices used to monitor fuel consumption and other related metrics such as fuel level, fuel usage patterns, and fuel theft.

How does a Fuel Monitoring System work?

A Fuel Monitoring System typically consists of a fuel sensor installed in the fuel tank or fuel line, a data acquisition unit that collects data from the fuel sensor, and software that analyzes and presents the data. The fuel sensor measures the fuel level or flow rate, and the data acquisition unit converts the measurement into a digital signal. The software then analyzes the data and presents it to the user in a dashboard or report.

Can a Fuel Monitoring System prevent fuel theft?

Yes, a Fuel Monitoring System can prevent fuel theft by monitoring fuel usage patterns and detecting unusual or unauthorized fuel consumption. The system can also send alerts to the fleet manager in real-time, allowing them to take immediate action to prevent further fuel theft.

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