Consistently Accurate With Real-Time Data

SafeTruck system offers real-time skid tank monitoring features, consistently providing you with accurate data on your fuel levels, driver details, skid tank used, and time of refueling and delivering alerts for unusual consumption patterns.

Prevention of Unplanned Downtime

Proactive Issue Resolution

Efficient Management of Fuel Resources


Better Control Over Unauthorized Access

Our system provides real-time alerts for any abnormal fuel consumption patterns. This feature facilitates quick responses and investigations, mitigating potential fuel theft.

Prevention of Unauthorized Access

Enhanced Security

Improved Response Time to Potential Issue


Enhances Security Measures

Our system boosts security with geofencing around the skid tank area, triggering alerts for refueling outside the designated zone and aiding efficient fuel resource management.

Prevent Fuel Theft

Reduced Unauthorized Access

Improved Compliance and Resource Planning


Access Control with RFID Technology

Our system prioritizes secure fuel management by requiring RFID authentication, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring only approved personnel can dispense fuel.

Avoid Unauthorized use

Improved Security and Accountability

Increased Driver Responsibility

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SafeTruck's Skid Tank Management System?

Our system is a comprehensive solution designed for efficient and secure management of skid tanks, equipped with features like real-time monitoring, precise refueling records, and advanced technologies like geofencing and RFID authentication.

What types of industries can benefit from the Skid Tank Management System?

Our system is versatile and can be applied in various industries such as oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, water treatment, agriculture, and more. Any industry that utilizes skid-mounted tanks for liquid storage and distribution can benefit from this system.

Can SafeTruck's system integrate smoothly with our existing fleet management solution?

Absolutely! Our Skid Tank Management System is designed to work seamlessly with your existing fleet management solution, offering you a smooth and efficient user experience.

Is this system available internationally or only in certain regions?

SafeTruck’s Skid Tank Management System is designed to serve organizations across the globe. Please get in touch with our customer support for specific details based on your location.

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