Improve Safety

SafeVision AI can analyze video footage to identify patterns and trends in driver behavior, enabling fleet managers to take proactive steps to improve safety and performance.

Smooth Performance with Video Analytics

Identity Driver Behaviour Patterns


Stay Safe on The Road with Forward Collision Warning

SafeVision AI can detect when a driver is approaching another vehicle too quickly and issue a warning to help prevent collisions.

Avoid Collisions

Quick Vehicle Detection with SafeVision AI


Monitor Speed

Our system can monitor vehicle speed and alert drivers when they exceed posted speed limits or are driving too fast for the current conditions.

Real-Time Speed Monitoring

Promote Safe Driving Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SafeVision AI Video Safety?

SafeVision AI Video Safety is a comprehensive video safety solution that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to help fleet managers improve driver safety and reduce accidents.

What are the features of SafeVision AI Video Safety?

SafeVision AI Video Safety includes features such as forward collision warning, speed monitoring, lane departure warning, driver identification, digital video recording, live streaming, and video analytics.

What are the benefits of SafeVision AI Video Safety?

The benefits of SafeVision AI Video Safety include improved driver safety, reduced accidents and liabilities, increased efficiency, and cost savings.

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