Real Time Tracking

By providing real-time location tracking and monitoring of environmental conditions, ferry and marine tracking systems can help improve safety on the water. Alerts for potential hazards can also help prevent accidents.

Improved Safety with Boat Marine Tracking

Hazard Alerts


Efficiency Application

With real-time tracking, ferry & marine tracking businesses can optimize their routes and make more informed decisions about scheduling and operations.

Reduce Travel Time

Improved Overall Efficiency


Maximizing Efficiency

SafeTruck’s advanced fuel management solutions empower businesses to optimize fuel consumption, track real-time usage, and reduce wastage for enhanced efficiency, resulting in cost savings and a greener transportation industry.

Significant Cost Savings

Reduce the cost

Frequently Asked Questions

What is marine tracking?

Marine tracking is a broader term that encompasses the use of technology to monitor and track the location, speed, and other key data of all types of marine vessels, including boats, ships, and offshore platforms.

How is marine tracking different from ferry tracking?

While ferry tracking specifically focuses on monitoring smaller boats and vessels, marine tracking is a broader term that encompasses all types of marine vessels. Marine tracking may also involve additional sensors and technologies to monitor things like weather conditions, ocean currents, and other environmental factors that can impact vessel operations.

How does ferry tracking work?

Ferry tracking systems use a combination of GPS, cellular or satellite networks, and sensors to collect and transmit data on the location, speed, and status of boats and other marine vessels. This data is then analyzed and displayed in a user-friendly dashboard, allowing fleet managers to make informed decisions about scheduling, operations, and maintenance.

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