Increased Customer Satisfaction

Our cross-app integration & interaction of jobs between fleet managers & drivers

Facilitate Seamless Communication

Real-time Tracking

Fleet Managers’ Job Prioritization and Monitoring


Reduce Inventory

Optimizing inventory levels, transportation companies reduce the amount of inventory that needs to be stored, which in turn can lower storage and handling costs.

Scheduling Deliveries

Reduce Waste

Improve Efficiency


Connecting Systems With TMS

SafeTruck will help you to establishing a connection between the systems in charge of managing the delivery and goods,

Cost Effective Carrier

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a Transport Management System?

Some of the key benefits of using a Transport Management System include improved efficiency and productivity, reduced transportation costs, better customer service, and enhanced visibility and control over the supply chain.

How does a Transport Management System help with route planning?

SafeTruck’s Transport Management System can use data on factors such as vehicle capacity to optimize route planning and ensure that vehicles are dispatched in the most efficient way possible.

Is a Transport Management System suitable for small businesses?

Yes, a Transport Management System can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes, as it can help streamline transportation operations and reduce costs regardless of the size of the fleet. However, the specific features and pricing of Transport Management Systems may vary depending on the needs of the business.

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