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Manage your fuel utilities and fleet from one location by monitoring all of the operational costs and cut costs with useful data and information.


Increase Productivity

Get a focused, constant view of your fleet’s data by managing fleet operations smoothly and effectively with real-time updates.

Improve Safety

With live GPS monitoring and AI dash-cams, you can constantly keep track of your fleets in real-time, making it easier for the drivers to complete their primary duties.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Utilize trip management and live tracking to guarantee on-time delivery with outstanding customer service via a robust dashboard.

How SAFETRUCK GPS TRACKER complies with APAD ICOP Safety Guidelines

Get APAD JPJ GPS Tracking Permit

APAD-compliant GPS tracker for BUS

APAD-compliant GPS tracker for Lorry

Instant bus location updates in real-time.

Auto notify drivers exceeding speed limits.

Easy to track bus speed and location.

Enhanced transparency and convenience.

Monitor driver behavior for improved safety and performance

Comprehensive Tracking and Analysis.

Convenient and efficient monitoring of bus speeds.

Extended historical tracking and analysis.

Immediate driver notification and enhanced safety.

Streamlined and efficient fleet monitoring.

Ensuring regulatory compliance for fleet operators.

Reliable and trusted performance in fleet tracking and management.

SAFETRUCK GPS Tracker for APAD Permit Renewal & ICOP Safety Code compliance.

APAD ICOP Code 11 : Driver Logbook

Fleet Operators must comply with the following:

a. Submit driving logbook records for all in their fleet.

b. Ensure accurate documentation of movements and driver replacements in the logbook by drivers.

c. The logbook must include driver’s name, departure/arrival/resting times, trip distance, and driver replacement details

APAD ICOP Code 13 : GPS Tracker Installation

Fleet Operators must ensure that all are equipped with a functional SAFETRUCK GPS Tracker that can monitor and record all trips, including speed and location.

SAFETRUCK GPS Tracking system is specifically designed to meet APAD ICOP requirements, making it the ideal solution for operators to ensure ongoing safety and regulatory compliance.

APAD ICOP Code 14 : GPS Tracker Monitoring and Surveillance

Fleet operators must:

a. Monitor speeds in real-time and take prompt action against dangerous driving or exceeding speed limits.

b. Review and analyze reports from GPS tracking systems.

c. Implement disciplinary actions or counseling for reckless driving, and maintain records of such events

d. Prevent falsification or modification of GPS tracker speed and location records.

Fleets of Buses in Malaysia are equipped with SafeTruck GPS Tracking System

SafeTruck is robust and well-tested by the industry. Its proven GPS tracking system is being used by thousands of companies in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Track bus location and speed in real-time using SafeTruck GPS Tracking app.

Share location of buses to your customers, bus passengers of your colleagues.

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