Best-in-class GPS location tracking & geofencing

SafeTruck’s GPS tracking and smart geofencing give you best-in-class visibility to improve operation performance and. Brings effectiveness to fleet management by allowing timely action to be taken.


Predictive machinery maintenance and analytics

Analyzing a vehicle’s maintenance history, track the tendencies for parts to wear out or break and make more informed decisions regarding routine fleet maintenance and reduce the unplanned downtime.


Monitor your fleet spend

Our commercial GPS fleet tracking can help you to reduce expenses, improve fleet operation, and create safer and productive fleet. These solutions often result in significant savings on costs like fuel, insurance premiums, maintenance, and more.


Protect drivers and your bottom line with an AI-powered fleet safety solution.

Solve your challenge of providing a safer working environment for drivers,customers and partners by improving visibility on your fleet safety along with compliances with vision telematics like AI Dashcam, fatigue camera, CCTV, and others. Maximize safety through automation and personalized fleet and driver evaluation.


EV Fleet Management & Sustainability

Future-ready tools for reducing emissions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the functioning of a fleet management GPS tracking system?

SafeTruck’s GPS fleet management system tracks vehicle location using GPS technology, collects data on speed, direction, and location, and transmits it to a central database. Fleet managers can access this real-time information to monitor vehicle performance, ensure route compliance, and optimize operations. The system can also provide valuable data on driver behavior, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance, enabling fleet managers to improve efficiency.

Is it possible to obtain precise data through the use of fleet management software?

Access to accurate data and analytics is crucial for fleet managers to monitor their fleet’s condition and make informed decisions. Effective fleet management solutions should offer easy access to relevant data, reliable customer support, and actionable insights to eliminate human errors and reduce costs. This can be a valuable asset for any fleet management professional seeking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

How can fleet owners reduce fuel costs using a fleet management system?

SafeTruck’s GPS fleet tracking solutions can provide a comprehensive view of vehicles, allowing fleet owners to optimize routes and potentially save up to 20-30% on fuel costs. This solution enables fleet owners to track the location and movement of their vehicles through SafeTruck’s fleet monitoring software, providing real-time access to vehicle data.

How can I get to know about SafeTruck ’s GPS fleet tracking cost?

SafeTruck offers the best price in the market for our GPS fleet tracking solutions. To know our fleet GPS tracking system’s cost, you can get in touch with our team.

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