Who SafeTruck?

SafeTruck provides IoT telematics with AI, digitizing fleet operations for safety, cost savings, and ESG initiatives. Operating in Malaysia and Indonesia, we track 15,000 vehicles daily across industries. Our hardware-agnostic solution integrates legacy telematics with modern IoT tech, providing a single source of truth for fleet digitization. Our customers achieve up to 30% revenue savings by lowering costs and achieving 0% accidents. Join us in Southeast Asia for a safer fleet.

In 2017, SafeTruck was founded to transform the fleet industry by leveraging on the power of innovation, big data and cloud based IoT technology. Founded by Mr Wilson Yew has 10 years experience as fleet operation consultant.

The founding team understands the difficulties of logistics companies and traditional tracking methods. SafeTruck created software to effectively manage fleets, maximize resource usage, and connect telematics for a beneficial solution.



Date Founded


Employees in Malaysia

5 million+

Million Kilometers of Vehicle Movement Network Support

Southeast Asia



Active Drivers Tracked

2G / 3G / 4G / 5G++

Regional Telecom Network Support

Investor Value Proposition

SafeTruck is a leading fleet operations company driving digitization, safety, and cost savings in Malaysia, Indonesia including Southeast Asia. With 15,000 daily tracked vehicles across diverse industries,including logistics, transportation, construction and more, SafeTruck supports ESG initiatives while providing efficient fleet solutions.

SafeTruck Solution

Top 3

Fleet Management in SEA by 2025


Organizations of All Sizes Across Industries

Cost Savings

We’re trusted by 1k+ active customers to make proactive decisions on fleet efficiency that results in increased opportunities for fuel savings.

SafeTruck helps customers by tracking their fuel consumption to save fuel savings. SafeTruck also helps our customers by utilizing advanced route optimization algorithms to optimize vehicle routes, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective paths are taken.

Utilizing Advanced Route Optimization Algorithms


Tracking more than 18,00 commercial vehicles daily on our AI safety cameras and universal IoT data aggregation to meet APAC standards for safety and compliance.

SafeTruck helps customers by ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations set by APAC (Asia-Pacific) authorities. This includes adhering to safety guidelines, regulations, and best practices to ensure the safe operation of commercial vehicles and compliance with local safety requirements.

Ensuring Compliance With Safety Standards And Regulations Set

Save the Earth

Assist in operational logistics planning, predicting carbon savings from fuel efficiency, and provide ESG reporting to comprise the international quality and excellence of environmental sustainability.

SafeTruck system analyzes data on fuel usage, vehicle performance, and driver behavior to predict carbon savings from fuel efficiency measures. This helps fleet operators identify opportunities to optimize fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and improve environmental sustainability.

Helps Fleet Operators Identify Opportunities

ESG of SafeTruck

SafeTruck is committed to Environmental , Social and Governance Leadership

Sustainability has been at the forefront of the SafeTruck journey.

2023 Focus


Eliminate empty miles, reduce emissions and fuel usage.


SafeTruck offers telematics insurance, which considers the size, model and use of vehicles and includes services for individuals operating the truck.


Operate with thoughtful policies and a diverse board.

Our work is just getting started. We will begin formally measure and report on all the core components of our sustainability efforts.

As an organization, we are committed to address environmental issues including Greenhouse Gas Emissions, fuel consumed, reduction of empty miles and air quality.

We are incredibly excited about the future and the pursuit of our mission.

2022 Highlights

SafeTruck has achieved its goal of connecting gaps between vehicles and drivers for improved data transparency in end-to-end operations during its 3-year commercialization period.

SafeTruck has achieved USD 1 Million in revenue with daily tracking of 15,000 commercial vehicles.

Partnership with Malaysia’s first digital insurer to disrupt insurance telematics in the logistics industry.

With the launch of DriverCare, an MoT-authorized safety-focused driver mobile app, SafeTruck aims to ensure safety ICOP compliance.

Won the grand prize in Huawei Spark Ignite Global Competition 2022 among 1500+ applicants from 40+ countries.

Shortlisted in Top 50 Global Startups in SLINGSHOT 2022

Part in the 7th Cohort of Accelerating Asia

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