Driving Down Insurance Cost

Telematics data auditing of driver behavior is a fantastic tool to validate safe behaviour. Having a telematics device can lower your premium, but leveraging its data to demonstrate that your drivers are responsible can significantly lower the cost of your fleet insurance.

Lower Insurance Premium

Maximizing Fleet Cost Savings


Streamlining Fleet Insurance with SafeTruck Mart

Fleet insurance covers all vehicles under one policy, reducing administrative work. This saves time for staff to focus on core objectives and goals. 


SafeTruck Mart enables : 


  • Fleet managers define their problem, view complete supplier profiles and compare solutions to match the best solution provider
  • Suppliers gain visibility on their target market such as product and service.

Efficient Fleet Insurance Solutions

Fleet Insurance with Best Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

What is insurance telematics?

Insurance telematics is the use of telematics technology to gather data about a driver’s behavior, including their speed, braking, acceleration, and other factors, in order to determine the driver’s risk profile and set insurance rates accordingly.

What types of vehicles can use insurance telematics?

Insurance telematics can be used for a variety of vehicles, including personal cars, commercial fleets, and heavy-duty trucks.

Is insurance telematics mandatory?

Insurance telematics is not mandatory, but some insurance providers may offer it as an option to drivers.

Is my data safe with insurance telematics?

Yes, insurance telematics providers are required to follow data protection and privacy regulations, and most providers use secure encryption methods to protect data.

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