City Zone Express Sdn Bhd Successfully Saved RM 16,000 Fuel Cost Monthly with TrackVision’s Idle Monitoring

City Zone Express Sdn Bhd Successfully Saved RM 16,000 Fuel Cost Monthly with TrackVision’s Idle Monitoring
Version 05/2022 – 16 May 2023 – 3 Minutes

City Zone Express Sdn Bhd Successfully Saved RM 16,000 Fuel Cost Monthly with TrackVision’s Idle Monitoring


Fleet telematics solutions can provide real-time reports on driver and vehicle efficiency. TrackVision’s data and reporting, for example, provides insight into driver behaviour and identifies opportunities for fuel efficiency improvement. The data ranks each driver’s efficiency in respect to their best potential in comparison to the rest of the fleet. A fleet eco-health analyzes real-world data to calculate how much fuel drivers waste fuel by idling.

Excessive engine idling is a major contributor to poor fleet fuel efficiency. While this is not intentional, it is a behaviour that may be changed via coaching and training. Fleet managers may boost fuel economy and lower expenses by detecting these events and coaching drivers on unnecessary fuel wastage.


City Zone Express started as a small office providing industrial customs clearance services to other freight forwarders in Prai, Penang, Malaysia, and aimed to expand its business into other areas of logistics services with the goal of becoming one of the leading overall logistics service providers in Malaysia.

In 2008, the decision to merge with Singapore-listed Chasen Holdings Limited successfully helped City Zone Express expand and build a larger network in a short period of time. Today, under the leadership of Mr. Raj and the subsidiaries of Chasen Group, City Zone Express has a fleet of over 260 vehicles, its own warehouses and container depots in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and China.


The expansion of the business presented Mr. Raj with numerous challenges in managing his fleet.

“Our business is expanding, but our costs are unmanageable, untrackable, and we need to improve that.”

“TrackVision can be said to be almost our life saver. According to our company IAR analysis, it can be said the average is 0 percent of truck breakdown due to diesel shortage. Additionally, this system has been very helpful to our company in the way to monitor driver behaviour through that we had the opportunity to cut unnecessary costs to our company such as idling. It has been very helpful to drop the idling cost for the company from RM24k to RM8k per month. Since, we are receiving satisfying services from this system, it also has made us come back more in various types of services in the way that we could manage our fleets efficiently.”

– City Zone Express Sdn Bhd


Here are ways how TrackVision helps with vehicle idle reduction:

1. Lower Fuel Consumption

One of the most expensive costs for today’s fleets is fuel. According to studies, fuel accounts for 28 percent of total fleet spending, trailing only depreciation at 36 percent. Individually, rising fuel prices might be problematic. However, when there are a huge number of fleet vehicles putting on miles and miles every day, it may quickly add up. Excessive idling can quickly raise your fuel usage and reduce your profitability. However, by reducing your vehicle’s idling to an acceptable level, you can considerably reduce fuel usage and spend significantly less on fuel usage.

2. Less Harmful Emissions

When a vehicle is switched on, whether it is moving or not, it releases emissions. Excessive idling is a major contributor to poor air quality and contributes significantly to climate change. To put that into perspective, an idle vehicle wastes up to half a gallon of fuel per hour and emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide for every gallon of fuel burnt. With a large fleet of dozens, it’s simple to see how much this may add up to.

3. Longer Vehicle Lifespan

Idle reduction is crucial in extending the life of your fleet vehicles. While it may not be immediately clear that excessive idling is detrimental to engine performance, it is a far more serious issue than you may believe. First, it reduces the average lifespan of your fleet vehicles and the significant repairs on your fleet vehicles at a higher frequency.


TrackVision may provide insight into your entire operation’s driver efficiency, vehicle performance, routing, and fuel use. Now, fleet operators at City Zone Express Sdn Bhd are able to use this information to carry out their plans to reduce fuel expenses. They can also work with drivers to change their driving habits so that they are more efficient and use less fuel. These reductions can have a major impact on your bottom line when applied to a full fleet of vehicles.

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