Fleet Management System

You can get a more full understanding of how a fleet is operating with a thorough fleet management system. With the use of a fleet management software solution, fleet managers can easily find their vehicles and keep an eye on road conditions, monitor idling time to cut fuel expense and reduce accident risk with better driver performance. Besides, you are able to filter that data to find fuel inefficiencies, safety programme shortcomings or think of ideas to boost consumer retention.

Robust Fleet Management Dashboard

The application increases uptime and centralizes the management of the whole maintenance lifecycle. The total cost of ownership is also reduced, ensuring fleet vehicles and equipment continue to drive revenue for the business. No matter where your day takes you, a fully native fleet management dashboard keeps you on top of the ever-changing priorities and needs of your fleet assets. The dashboard allows users to create and assign tasks to drivers, check completion of vehicle status and driver performance.

Centralized Fleet Operation Reports

This Internet of Things (IoT) system streamlines communication from the office to the field, making communication easy at all times. Paperless-based solutions simplifies reporting, administration and maximizes fleet productivity. It saves time and money on compliance management across the operations which reduces workflows.

Immediate Real Time Alerts

GPS tracking and telematics providers give the best visibility to improve fleet performance and provide a better service for the customers. It surfaces the opportunities to improve the bottom line of business by real time alerts such as preventative maintenance, reduces downtime, identifies fuel consumption, and utilization of vehicle data. Recall alerts centralizes data from all of the operations into a single platform, ensuring a clear view of performance and easily connects the systems to ensure a real source of data.

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