Insurance Telematics

There are a lot of responsibilities involved in managing fleet vehicles. Fleet managers must prioritize the security and protection of their assets in addition to overseeing drivers and upkeep. It’s critical to get fleet insurance to reduce any hazards associated with your fleet. The cost of commercial vehicle insurance varies depending on the size, type and purpose of the vehicles. Having a telematics device can lower the cost of your fleet insurance, significantly creating responsible drivers. Telematics equipment keeps track of every journey a vehicle makes and may keep an eye on actions abstaining from poor driving practices.

Reduce Insurance Premium

Telematics data auditing of driver behaviour is a fantastic tool to validate safe behaviour. Having a telematics device can lower your premium, but leveraging its data to demonstrate that your drivers are responsible can significantly lower the cost of your fleet insurance.


We are all aware that managing individual insurance plans for a sizable fleet of vehicles may be time-consuming. Fleet insurance, on the other hand, covers your whole fleet of trucks under one policy, which creates less administrative work and aggravation. This frees up more time for your staff to concentrate on your company’s core objectives and goals.

As the best point of reference for customers, SafeTruck Mart enables fleet managers to define their problem, view complete supplier profiles and compare solutions to match the best solution provider. On the other hand, suppliers gain visibility on their target market such as product, service and the right segment of customers to increase market value.

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