BillionStar Express Challenges on Managing Driver Driving Behaviour by using SafeTruck Solutions

BillionStar Express Challenges on Managing Driver Driving Behaviour by using SafeTruck Solutions
Version 07/2023 – 15 August 2023 – 3 Minutes

BillionStar Express Challenges on Managing Driver Driving Behaviour by using SafeTruck Solutions


BillionStar Express, a prominent logistics company, faced significant challenges in effectively managing and improving driver driving behaviour. With a large fleet of vehicles and a vast network of deliveries, ensuring safe and responsible driving was crucial to maintain customer satisfaction, reduce accidents, and enhance operational efficiency. This case study explores the challenges faced by BillionStar Express and how they successfully addressed it through SafeTruck solutions. 

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of road accidents caused by risky driving behavior. The factors that contribute to unsafe driving behavior include distracted driving, speeding, aggressive driving, fatigue and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. These behaviors not only put the driver at risk but also endanger the lives of other road users. It is, therefore, important to identify the root causes of risky driving behavior and implement measures to reduce them.  

How SafeTruck Help BillionStar On Its Matters

BillionStar Express implemented SafeTruck’s IoT device, TrackVision, which combines telematics and Internet of Things (IoT) integration. This powerful solution has enabled the company to devise fuel-saving strategies and reduce idle time, leading to improved operational costs.

In 2017, TrackVision was installed in all of BillionStar Express’ fleet vehicles. This monitoring solution significantly reduced the company’s annual vehicle tire and maintenance costs by RM 140,000, extending the vehicles’ lifespan without causing wear and tear.

Our real-time fuel consumption monitoring team successfully identified several fuel theft cases within the company, resulting in savings of up to RM 1 million in fuel costs within a year. Driver behavior scores are calculated, providing drivers with feedback and advice on key indicators that impact fuel efficiency, such as speeding, idling, sudden braking, and harsh steering. Additionally, our consultation team played a crucial role in reducing vandalism cases within the company.

By leveraging TrackVision, companies have not only achieved substantial operating cost reductions but have also enhanced fleet driver safety and road journey efficiency. Our system empowers data-informed decision-making, providing precise information on fleet drivers and vehicles, as well as real-time insights into fleet operations.

SafeTruck’s solutions provide real-time vehicle tracking, driver performance monitoring, driver scoring systems, and alerts for speeding or harsh braking which can improve driver behaviour and promote safer driving practices. 

Feedback from Billionstar

It is extremely important for any businesses to maintain customer satisfaction and gain their loyalty as well. Similarly, BillionStar Express faced some operational deficiencies which impacted the business bottom line. 

According to the company, 

“Transitioning from a traditional GPS system to SafeTruck’s telematics integrated solutions has significantly improved our operations and driver behaviour, promoting safer driving practices. With the previous GPS system, we faced numerous challenges, including inaccurate location tracking that required constant follow-up with drivers to determine their current location and estimated time of arrival. This inefficiency led to operator frustration and customer dissatisfaction. Moreover, untraceable fuel usage and maintenance costs skyrocketed by 180% and vandalism cases became uncontrollable. 

However, with the implementation of TrackVision, our business has experienced remarkable improvements. The solution has enabled us to track driver behavior effectively, resulting in reduced wasteful spending. By addressing these issues, we have enhanced our operational efficiency and strengthened our commitment to promoting safe driving practices.” 


In conclusion, SafeTruck solutions have proven to be instrumental in addressing BillionStar Express challenges in managing driver behaviour. By implementing the Track Vision IoT device and leveraging telematics and IoT integration, the company has successfully improved operational efficiency and promoted safer driving practices. 

Through real-time vehicle tracking, driver performance monitoring, scoring systems, and alerts for speeding or harsh braking, SafeTruck has enabled BillionStar Express to track and analyze driver behaviour effectively. This has led to a reduction in wasteful spending and improved overall operational performance. Additionally, the solution has provided accurate location tracking, eliminating the need for contrast follow-up with drivers and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Furthermore, TrackVision has played a significant role in reducing fuel usage and maintenance costs, as well as combating vandalism within the company. The real-time fuel consumption monitoring team has successfully identified and addressed fuel theft cases, resulting in substantial cost savings. 

By addressing these challenges and improving driver behaviour, BillionStar Express has enhanced its commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. SafeTruck’s solutions have proven to be invaluable in promoting a culture of safe driving practices and ensuring a more streamlined and efficient logistics operation. 

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