BillionStar Saved RM1 Mil with the Help of SafeTruck

BillionStar Saved RM1 Mil with the Help of SafeTruck
Version 04/2023 – 1 April 2022 – 3 Minutes

BillionStar Saved RM1 Mil with the Help of SafeTruck


The fleet business benefited from reasonable fuel prices and extensive availability throughout the early years of the 90’s, but with the current rising fuel prices, the sector may face some hiccups. The supply chain is feeling the impact of the pump and businesses are looking for further ways to reduce costs to aid the business. One of the main causes of fuel waste is truck idling, whereby the truck’s engine is switched on but the vehicle is stagnant. It is reported to waste billions of gallons of fuel  annually, resulting in a total revenue loss.

According to some estimates, restarting your engine costs about RM40 to RM60 each year, but the savings on fuel would more than help compensate for that. When a vehicle is idling, it results in wasteful fuel expenditures which leads to increased maintenance costs and may even shorten engine life. Most studies also show that idling vehicles emit a rather large in amount of negative gas emission that significantly brings harm to the passing anti-idling policies to counter the negative impact these emissions have on the environment and public health.


Billionstar Express is a locally owned leading express bus service provider, from Malaysia with domestic transport and tour service from the year of 2012 to 2022, with improvement and changes over its lifetime. They are one of the leading express bus service providers based in Penang.

Billionstar Express has a good frequency of coaches that run throughout the day, promoting safety and comfort of passengers. With a number of 20 staff and over 100 drivers, they are very consistent in serving and assisting the best for their passengers.


It is extremely important for any businesses to maintain customer satisfaction and gain their loyalty as well. Similarly, Billionstar Express faced some operational deficiencies which impacted the businesses bottom line.

According to the company,

“Before we moved to Safe Truck telematics integrated solutions,  we were using a traditional GPS system which caused us lots of problems. One of it was the inaccuracy in location tracking, which caused our operator to constantly follow up with the driver on the current location and estimated time of arrival. This has caused a hassle to our operators due to the inefficiency of operations which resulted in customers’ dissatisfaction. Besides, untraceable fuel usage and maintenance cost has also risen up to 180% and vandalism cases are out of control. The TrackVision solution has been incredibly beneficial to our business in terms of tracking driver behaviour, which has allowed us to reduce wasteful spending.” 

TrackVision – Solutions By Safe Truck

With the combination of both telematics and Internet of Things (IoT) integrated, TrackVision has helped the company develop strategies to save fuel costs whilst reducing idling time to improve operational costs.

In 2017, Billionstar Express had installed TrackVision to all of their fleet vehicles. With this monitoring solution feature, Billionstar’s vehicle tyre and maintenance cost was successfully reduced by RM140,000 annually. Hence, the working life of the vehicles were extended without causing any wear and tear.

Our real-time fuel consumption monitoring team had successfully detected a few fuel theft cases in the company and successfully helped Billionstar Express save up to RM1 million fuel cost in one year. Driver behaviour scores are calculated, which gives drivers feedback and advice on a number of key indicators affecting fuel efficiency, which includes speeding, idling, sudden braking and harsh steering. Together with our consultation team, we have successfully reduced the vandalism cases that happen in the company as well.

Utilising TrackVision, not only have the companies been able to dramatically lower their operating cost, but have also been able to increase the safety of fleet drivers as well as the efficiency of the road journey. Our system has made it possible to consistently provide data-informed decisions, such as precise data on fleet drivers and vehicles, and real-time understanding of fleet operability.


  • Reduced business risk through fraudulence
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Getting in control

Having the right fleet management solutions ensures that the fleet is operating as efficiently and economically as possible. Safe Truck offers continuous real-time awareness into field operations and driver behaviours as well as the condition of the fleet vehicles. Knowing what’s going on in the field allows better management of delivery routes as well as smoother streamline fleet operations. Safe Truck’s fleet management solution powered with telematics-integrated software has helped Billionstar Express in cost control, significantly improving its operations and levitating the business forward.

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