City Zone Express Sdn Bhd Successfully Achieves Carbon Emissions Reduction with the Assistance of Safetruck’s TrackVision System

City Zone Express Sdn Bhd Successfully Achieves Carbon Emissions Reduction with the Assistance of Safetruck’s TrackVision System

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City Zone Express Sdn Bhd Successfully Achieves Carbon Emissions Reduction with the Assistance of Safetruck’s TrackVision System


In the ever-evolving landscape of the trucking industry, the need to reduce carbon emissions and enhance environmental sustainability has taken center stage. SafeTruck’s TrackVision Fuel Monitoring Module has emerged as a groundbreaking solution for this crucial challenge. At its core, this innovative system is engineered to tackle two pivotal aspects of carbon reduction: fuel monitoring and idling control.

SafeTruck’s TrackVision provides trucking companies with precise insights into their fleet’s fuel consumption through real-time fuel monitoring. Companies can optimize routes and driver behavior by understanding where and how fuel is utilized, ultimately minimizing carbon emissions. Additionally, TrackVision’s advanced idling control features enable companies to curb the unnecessary running of engines when vehicles are stationary. This reduces fuel wastage and lowers emissions, aligning with environmental goals.

SafeTruck’s TrackVision system is a powerful tool that revolutionizes the trucking industry’s approach to reducing carbon emissions, enhancing operational efficiency, and promoting a more sustainable future.


City Zone Express had humble beginnings as a small office in Prai, Penang, Malaysia, primarily offering industrial customs clearance services to fellow freight forwarders. However, their ambitions reached far beyond customs clearance, intending to evolve into one of Malaysia’s foremost logistics service providers.

In 2008, a strategic decision was made to merge with Chasen Holdings Limited, a company listed in Singapore. This merger proved a resounding success, facilitating City Zone Express’s rapid expansion and establishing an extensive network. Presently, guided by Mr. Raj and operating as a part of the Chasen Group’s subsidiaries, City Zone Express boasts a substantial fleet of over 260 vehicles. Moreover, the company has secured warehouses and container depots in multiple countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and China.


“The business expansion presented Mr. Shan with numerous challenges in managing his fleet.”

“Our business is expanding, but our costs are unmanageable, untrackable, and we need to improve that.”

“Since implementing SafeTruck’s Trackvision system, we’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation in our fleet operations, focusing on reducing carbon emissions through fuel monitoring and idling control. The system’s impact on reducing decarbonization has been truly outstanding. Our satisfaction is with the system’s fuel cost analysis features and the accurate measurement of the fuel in the tank, which is critical for efficient fleet management. Our trucks exclusively use Euro 5 and AdBlue diesel, demonstrating our commitment to reducing emissions and carbon footprint. With the help of SafeTruck’s Trackvision system, if we identify idling for more than 30 minutes, we immediately instruct our drivers to stop the engine.”

“Our organization has observed positive environmental impacts thanks to SafeTruck’s Trackvision system, with a strong focus on reducing carbon emissions through fuel monitoring and idling control. It aligns seamlessly with our commitment to environmental responsibility and the broader goal of reducing decarbonization. SafeTruck’s TrackVision System has positively improved our organization’s management.”

-City Zone Express Sdn Bhd

1. Environmental Responsibility:

SafeTruck’s commitment to ESG sustainability began with establishing a culture of environmental responsibility. The company embedded this commitment as a foundational value, fostering a deep understanding of the need to reduce carbon emissions through fuel monitoring and idle control and promoting eco-friendly practices across all levels of the organization.

2. ESG Sustainability Practice:

A pivotal aspect of SafeTruck’s strategy was introducing a state-of-the-art ESG sustainability solution focused on reducing carbon emissions. This encompassed a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies, including advanced telematics, real-time data analytics, and driver feedback mechanisms. This technological infrastructure formed the backbone of SafeTruck’s fuel decarbonization efforts.

3. Real-time Data Insights:

SafeTruck’s Trackvision solution provides the company with real-time data on truck performance fuel consumption analysis and helps them reduce carbon emissions by closely monitoring idling time. This granular level of data allowed for precise monitoring and control over emissions, enabling timely adjustments and optimizations.

4. Driver Training and Incentives:

SafeTruck leveraged the capabilities of its ESG sustainability solution to implement driver training programs focused on reducing carbon emissions. Real-time feedback on driving habits, including idling reduction, was delivered to drivers, allowing immediate course corrections and improvements. In addition, the client company introduced incentives to encourage and reward eco-friendly driving practices that reduce carbon emissions.

5. Environmental Accountability:

As part of its ESG sustainability approach, SafeTruck established a transparent framework for ESG reporting, specifically focusing on reducing carbon emissions through fuel monitoring and idling control. This framework enabled stakeholders, including customers, investors, and the public, to track the company’s progress in reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental responsibility.


City Zone Express Sdn Bhd exemplifies how a commitment to reducing carbon emissions through fuel monitoring and idling control can drive transformative change in the logistics industry. SafeTruck’s TrackVision system played a pivotal role in enabling City Zone Express to overcome the challenges of managing an expanding fleet while keeping costs in check. By emphasizing environmental responsibility, implementing real-time data insights, and focusing on driver training and incentives, City Zone Express successfully reduced its carbon footprint. The integration of this sustainable approach not only improved operational efficiency but also showcased their dedication to environmental stewardship, setting a positive example for the logistics sector.

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