Cloud Native Solution Day

A Wrap At SlingShot 2022
Version 07/2022 – 18 July 2022 – 2 Minutes

Cloud Native Solution Day

SafeTruck is delighted to share that Cloud Native Solution Day is a success!! With more than 100 corporates, and sponsored by Zebra Technologies, organised  jointly by Mr Adrian Oh, founder of Zetpy, SafeTruck, Mr Hanif Wahid, Founder of Delyva and led by Mr YangUei Aw from AC2 WAVE was a great success.

We particularly want to thank Mr Malik Murad Ali, CIO of Mydin Malaysia for sharing his expertise and insights into his cloud applications journey, which was a significant contribution to the event. Lastly, we want to acknowledge and express our appreciation to Zebra technologies for their sponsorship of the event.

We are looking forward to further updates, innovation, integrations in technology, and digitising the business world.

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