Driving Sustainability: How SafeTruck x Orko’s EV Fleet Management Revolutionized VLEKTRA

Driving Sustainability: How SafeTruck x Orko’s EV Fleet Management Revolutionized VLEKTRA

Version 5/2024 – 24 May 2024 – 2 Min read

Driving Sustainability: How SafeTruck x Orko’s EV Fleet Management Revolutionized VLEKTRA


In today’s dynamic world, electric vehicle (EV) fleet management is essential for companies striving for operational efficiency and sustainability. EVs, with their eco-friendly footprint, hold unparalleled potential in realizing a sustainable future. SafeTruck has expanded its influence in Pakistan by partnering with Orko, helped VLEKTRA, a leading electric motorcycle company in Karachi, to significantly enhance their operational efficiency. This case study explores how the implementation of SafeTruck x Orko’s advanced EV Fleet Management solution has strengthened VLEKTRA’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives, driving sustainability and performance in the EV sector.



VLEKTRA, based in Karachi, focuses on electric motorcycles offering breathtaking acceleration, zero emissions, zero maintenance costs, and no fuel consumption. Committed to sustainability and customer convenience, VLEKTRA offers a 3-year warranty on their lithium-ion battery-powered motorcycles, demonstrating confidence in their products’ quality and longevity. VLEKTRA positions itself as the future of motorcycles, providing a unique and innovative alternative to traditional models and making significant strides in the electric vehicle industry.


VLEKTRA encountered numerous challenges in optimizing fleet performance while maintaining environmental sustainability. Key issues included:

  • Ensuring the longevity and efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, crucial for operational effectiveness.
  • Identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in battery usage was vital to enhance overall performance.
  • Collecting and analyzing performance metrics were essential for informed strategic decisions.
  • Additionally, promptly diagnosing and addressing technical issues minimized downtime and maintained reliability.
  • Integrating sustainable practices through effective energy management was necessary to reduce environmental impact and support sustainability goals.


Addressing these challenges was crucial for VLEKTRA’s success.


SafeTruck x Orko’s solution addressed VLEKTRA’s challenges, turning them into opportunities for streamlined and cost-saving fleet management while also supporting their ESG approach.

1. Battery Diagnostics: Our solution offers cutting-edge predictive maintenance, extending battery lifespan by up to 2 years. This reduces the environmental impact associated with frequent battery replacements and ensures long-term efficiency. Custom alerts for various uses enable timely interventions, enhancing battery performance and reliability.

2. Real-Time Range Calculation: Provides real-time range calculation capabilities by leveraging battery health, driver score, ambient temperature, and payload weight, supporting sustainable fleet operations by optimizing energy use. This feature eliminates range anxiety for both VLEKTRA’s riders and fleet managers, resulting in increased confidence in EV adoption, promoting broader acceptance and use of eco-friendly electric vehicles.

3. EV Route Optimization: By leveraging data points such as range, battery health, nearest charging stations, customer drop-off points, payload weight, and ambient temperature, our solution enables route optimization, reducing overall kilometers on the road. This enhancement increases operational efficiency and sustainability, directly contributing to lower emissions.

4. User-Friendly Mobile App: The user-friendly interface features battery management, charging session scheduling, and locating the nearest charging stations, providing an efficient EV management platform. This optimizes resource use, reduces unnecessary energy consumption, and enhances driver satisfaction and productivity, supporting the social aspect of ESG by ensuring driver well-being and efficient fleet operations.

Significant Solution Impact

The implementation of SafeTruck x Orko’s EV Fleet Management solution had a profound impact on VLEKTRA:

1. Strengthened Brand Reputation: VLEKTRA was recognized as a pioneer in sustainable transportation within Pakistan and the broader region, promoting positive community engagement through eco-friendly transportation solutions.

2. Extended Battery Life: Predictive maintenance and real-time health monitoring extended battery lifespans and reduced replacement costs through early detection and proactive maintenance.

3. Significant Cost Savings: Substantial cost reductions were realized from successful claims for replacements of faulty batteries and overall operational cost reductions due to optimized energy usage.

4. Data-Driven Operations: The vast amount of data collected and analyzed by the solution allowed the company to make informed decisions regarding battery usage, charging schedules, and fleet management strategies.


SafeTruck x Orko’s EV Fleet Management solution transformed the way VLEKTRA handled battery performance challenges. The solution’s robust data analytics and smart battery management features not only mitigated pressing problems but also enabled VLEKTRA to continue as an innovative leader in sustainable transportation. This proactive approach to resolving battery issues has positioned VLEKTRA as a pioneer in using technology to enhance performance while reinforcing environmental objectives in the transportation sector.

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