How SafeTruck Complies to APAD/ICOP Regulations in Fleet Management System

How SafeTruck Complies to APAD/ ICOP Regulations in Fleet Management System 
Version 06/2023 – 8 June 2023 – 3 minutes

How SafeTruck Complies to APAD/ICOP Regulations in Fleet Management System

Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD), formerly known as Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) introduced the Safety Guideline and Industrial Code of Practice (ICOP).  The main results expected with the implementation of the S.P.A.D ICOP  which is Safety for Goods Vehicle Operators program are :

1. Make safety practises a priority for every Licensed Operator of Goods Vehicles

2. Attach importance to moral values to overcome problems and weaknesses in the safety practices of each Licensed Operator of Goods Vehicles

3. Make safety practices the culture and norm of the ground public transport industry

As frequently seen these days, the number of traffic accidents has continuously climbed over the years, reaching a number of 402,626 incidents from January to September 2022 in Malaysia, with 4,378 fatality cases according to Paultan.org news. As a result, APAD assisted in reducing fleet accidents by taking administrative and legal action against operators who break safety laws, as well as revoking the operator’s licence and vehicle permission. Additionally, in accordance with the safety standards established by ICOP in Code 13, operators are required to install Global Positioning System (GPS) devices to track and gather all relevant data regarding vehicle speeds, positions, and driving behaviour patterns.

SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System adheres to APAD ICOP Code 13, which is the installation of GPS trackers. A fleet management system makes it simple for fleet managers to locate their vehicles, keep an eye on traffic conditions, track idling time to save money on fuel, and lower the chances of accidents by improving driver performance. The Safety Guidelines and Industrial Code of Practice (ICOP), which are also introduced by APAD, mandates that fleet operators install and maintain Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers. All vehicles must have trackers since they are a crucial part of renewing an APAD JPJ permit.

DriverCare As Part Of APAD ICOP Compliance

DriverCare is a driver app that aids drivers to fully fill the checklist submission efficiently with a quick 3 steps process. Operators of fleets must provide driving logbooks and contain information about vehicle movements and driver substitutions. The driver’s name, date, time of birth, time of arrival, time of rest, and travel distance must all be recorded. DriverCare, which is SafeTrucks fleet management system, is the app that features Track Attendance (Check In & Out), Checklist Submission, Emergency Call, Vehicle & Driver Info and Licence Expiry reminder. The Driving Scoring feature is also available for fleet owners or operators to check on drivers’ driving behaviour. Therefore, it is crucial for fleet operators to purchase a functioning, trustworthy, and SIRIM-approved GPS to track the whereabouts of their vehicles and their driving styles.

Fleet operators must enter their login and password into the system in order to access real-time data of SafeTruck’s systems in accordance with APAD ICOP code 11. To get the essential information, they must check in using the vehicle number associated with each journey. As a result, the programme will display vehicle information such as a dashboard with the current position, date, and time, as well as the status, speed, and fuel consumption of the vehicle.

GPS Trackers Installation Compliance With APAD ICOP

Code 13 with a GPS Tracker installation is the second APAD ICOP. All buses must be fitted with bus GPS Trackers, according to bus fleet operators. The GPS tracker must be able to track the vehicle’s speed and location.

The driver’s vehicle status, ignition, initial drive, PTO (Power Take Off), time, speed, device status, current mileage, and others may all be tracked using the SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System. It can guarantee compliance with regulations right from their fingertips. SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System was created with the purpose of complying with APAD ICOP regulations set by the government. Every movement and the vehicle’s current active or inactive status can be tracked and recorded by the system from time to time.

APAD Compliance Is Ensured With SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System

The APAD ICOP Code 14 for Tracker Monitoring and Surveillance requires fleet operators to ensure that each vehicle’s speed is constantly tracked while it is in use and that swift action is taken when a driver is reckless or exceeds the speed limit. Additionally, it will assess and look over the GPS monitoring system’s report.

According to ‘The Borneo Post’ news, after numerous bus accidents, wrecks, and fatalities recorded in 2012, vehicle safety became a concern in 2013, which is when the Industrial Code of Practice was implemented, which significantly ensured that every voyage was safe for both drivers and passengers. DriverCare is an application by SafeTruck that can monitor and control driving behaviour. Complete records of driver behaviour are provided, driver scorecard parameters are managed, drivers with higher risk profiles are highlighted, and additional management needs are satisfied. Truck drivers perform better, making it easier to locate their trucks, monitor traffic conditions, track idle time to save money on fuel, and lower the risk of accidents. With the real-time information gathered, they may download and assess the GPS trackers every day as required by APAD after each journey to check on the performance of the drivers.

It is possible to guarantee regulatory compliance from the palm of your hand with SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System. The application is simple to use because it allows for real-time data access and updates on vehicle movements. The IoT-integrated application also aids in easing the stress of the driver while driving, ensures systematised paperless documentation, hassle-free filing and enables simple fleet vehicle tracking.

SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System in accordance with the safety regulations set by the government offers you a comprehensive service plan that includes lifetime hardware warranty, installation, subscription, troubleshooting, and round-the-clock emergency support at any time of the day.

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