Jiabi Increases Operational Efficiency with SafeTruck

Jiabi Increases Operational Efficiency with SafeTruck
Version 05/2023 – 25 May 2023 – 3 Minutes

Jiabi Increases Operational Efficiency with SafeTruck


Today, there is a wide range of Fleet Monitoring Systems or Global Positioning System (GPS) fleet tracking devices available that provide essential information to fleet managers in real time. The gadgets which use both traditional mobile networks and satellites, are mounted in automobiles to offer real-time location and vehicle speed performance data. This information supports the fleet managers in ensuring that only approved uses of the vehicle are made, as well as ensuring eco-friendly and safe driving. This also contributes to the driver doing his duties to the best of his ability. This manner, the corporation may cut costs associated with fuel-wasting driving practices, vehicle breakdowns, and wear and tear caused by unsafe and aggressive driving behaviour.

While fleets’ needs and management styles vary, one constant is the necessity for fleet data reporting. Data reporting is critical for ensuring that every component of your fleet is working smoothly and cost-effectively, regardless of fleet size or industry. With so many moving parts in the fleet industry, a complete fleet management software is the simplest way to record data.


Jiabi Group of companies is a Malaysian based corporate group of ethical and efficient professionals, delivering its promises since 2003. Jiabi Group maintains various categories of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers and has been catering human resource needs for many companies. Based on rudimentary understanding of the market needs, the company offers quality services at competitive prices to their clients.


“SafeTruck has been very helpful in our daily business management especially for the operation department. It has helped us to improve the operation efficiency from manual paper work to systemized work. Now, I can say that our operation team’s daily task is 100% liaised on the SafeTruck system.”

– Jiabi Group

Jiabi Group confronted a number of challenges in operating its logistics and supply chain management services:

1.Inadequate data

Jiabi required real-time information regarding the route patterns, location, and delivery speed of its fleet to ensure a smooth operating flow. However, the company was hesitant to use any sort of technologies as they were unsure on how a fleet system would operate and afraid if the productivity of work would be disrupted.

2. High cost

Fleet margins are extremely thin for which fuel and vehicle upkeep were significant drains on Jiabi’s finances. Cutting transportation expenses while maintaining service quality is a difficult balancing act, made even more difficult by the company’s lack of real-time visibility into fleet operations and patterns.

3. Manual tracking method

Jiabi depends on traditional documentation to calculate and track vehicle data, however it is time-consuming and inefficient. It also allowed for human errors, which might result in costly downtime throughout the operational process.


Understanding that the future of the fleet is in acute data analytics, Jiabi began researching for the most robust vehicle tracking and fleet management software that would produce excellent business operations. Significantly, our system fits the bill exactly. Here are some ways how our system helped their business:

1. Transparent fleet operations

Fleet’s advanced GPS tracking services allow better visibility on drivers’ performance in a non-invasive manner. This helps the company to plan its routes for maximum efficiency, monitor drivers behaviour and raise customer satisfaction at the same time.

2. Productive communication

SafeTruck’s system analytics provide a good base for Jiabi to engage drivers with understanding and empathy, as well as swiftly address any issues they face at work. As a result, employees began showing high motivation to work hard and smart.

3. Cost reductions

Drivers behave better on the road as they know they are being observed. Their conscientious driving reduces the wear and tear of vehicles, thus keeping the

vehicle maintenance cost low. Idling time is also reduced which contributes to major cost control.

4. Real time information

As a fleet manager, you must report to management on the performance of your fleet on a regular basis. Compiling fleet data into a professional report to demonstrate management how much you are spending and saving can take hours. SafeTruck’s easy-to-digest data and analytics improved dashboard helps the company’s agility in managing costs and tweaking business strategies.


As Jiabi Group focuses on leveraging their business, a data-centric system offered by SafeTruck helps in position tracking and fleet management which allows the company to focus on their business revenue. A fleet management system can assist you in storing, analyzing and putting every data to use.

Stay in touch with us as we will help you boost your operational efficiencies with our robust system. Contact one of our sales representatives right away and rest assured that we will be there every step of the way to a smoother fleet operation.

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