SafeTruck Celebrates the Success of the “Empowering the Transport and Logistics Industry” Seminar

SafeTruck Celebrates the Success of the “Empowering the Transport and Logistics Industry” Seminar

SafeTruck is thrilled to announce the overwhelming success of the “Empowering the Transport and Logistics Industry through Legal Awareness, Safety, and Human Resource Development” seminar. Organized by Persatuan Pengusaha Lori Bahan Bantuan Johor in collaboration with Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK), Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan (JKKP), and PERKESO, this event served as a vital forum for integrating cutting-edge technologies and regulatory compliance in the transport and logistics sector.

Attendees gained actionable insights on critical updates and amendments, including:

  • Labour Law (Amended) 2022: Understanding the latest legal frameworks to ensure compliance and protect workers’ rights.
  • OSHA (Amended) 2022: Implementing advanced occupational safety measures to foster a safer working environment.
  • Road Traffic Safety Awareness: Enhancing safety protocols to reduce incidents and promote responsible driving.
  • Learning & Development (L&D) and Upskilling: Strategies for workforce development to improve efficiency and adaptability.

A core focus of the event, aligned with SafeTruck’s vision, was the enrichment of our industry’s most valuable resource: our workforce. Empowering employees through comprehensive training and fostering a culture of safety were central themes, reflecting SafeTruck’s initiatives to nurture talent and enhance safety standards across all operations.

SafeTruck’s involvement underscores our strategic commitment to advancing the transport and logistics sector through collaborative efforts and dedication to workplace safety and compliance. This seminar marks a period of industry-wide improvement and the adoption of best practices for operational effectiveness, reflecting our unwavering support for these ideals.

SafeTruck is honoured to have had the opportunity to be the main sponsor of such a pivotal seminar. We extend our profound appreciation to the organizers for their visionary execution of this invaluable event, which showcased their dedication to addressing critical issues within our industry.

Stay tuned for more updates on our initiatives and ongoing efforts to enhance the transport and logistics sector. Thank you for your continuous support!


Best Regards,

SafeTruck Sdn Bhd

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