SafeTruck Solution with DriverCare for EC Piles

SafeTruck Solution with DriverCare for EC Piles
Version 06/2023 – 20 June 2023 – 3 Minutes

SafeTruck Solution with DriverCare for EC Piles


SafeTruck’s DriverCare is a comprehensive driver management solution designed to help fleet operators manage and monitor their driver’s behavior, safety, and compliance. The system is built to provide real-time insights and predictive analytics to help fleets operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and increase safety.

DriverCare includes a suite of features such as driver scorecards, electronic logs, pre-trip inspection checklist and others. By leveraging the power of IoT devices, cloud computing, and machine learning, DriverCare delivers actionable insights to fleet managers to improve driver safety and reduce the risk of accidents, violations, and costly downtime. Overall, SafeTruck DriverCare is an all-in-one solution that enables fleet operators to proactively manage their drivers and reduce operational costs, while ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations.


DriverCare is an application that provides solutions driving increased compliance and enabling accurate data exchange, efficient driver support. It also provides safety checklists such as manage & review checklists. The cross-app integration allows for effortless checklist interactions, further increasing ease of operations between operators & managers.

How SafeTruck’s  DriverCare Help EC Piles

Whether you need real-time data to manage your drivers and vehicles, or GPS recording, DriverCare meets your operational needs and is fully compliant with relevant guidelines and regulations. To foster a healthy competition among peers and promote a safe driving culture, GPS will be observed and evaluated through an intelligent analytics dashboard to monitor the current location of fleet vehicles.

DriverCare aims to promote safe driving among fleet operators by monitoring, assessing and evaluating each movement of the road pilots. A good road etiquette is vital as it helps reduce accidents and instills civic-minded driving among the drivers. At the same time, the technology helps drivers to abide by the compliance and improve on-the-job performance whilst lowering operating costs. There have been significant changes in driver’s behavior after the implementation of our application.

SafeTruck’s DriverCare is a comprehensive solution for fleet management that helps companies ensure driver safety, compliance with regulations and improved operational efficiency.

“ DriverCare really helps us as fleet owners, we still can track their fleet and driving behavior through Track Vision. We were constantly dealing with unexpected breakdowns and high fuel costs.

But after implementing DriverCare, everything changed. We were able to track our drivers’ behavior in real-time and provide them with instant feedback to improve their driving habits. We also had access to comprehensive data on our vehicles’ health consumption, which helped us reduce maintenance costs and save on fuel.

Thanks to SafeTruck’s DriverCare, our fleet management has become much more efficient, cost-effective, and safer for our drivers and other road users. We highly recommend it to any company looking to improve their fleet management.”                                                                             

Ways DriverCare Features Help EC Piles

1. DriverCare As Part of APAD ICOP Compliance

DriverCare app aids efficient checklist submission in 3 steps. Fleet operators record driver details and utilize SafeTrucks’ fleet management system for Track Attendance, Checklist Submission, and more. Driving Scoring allows monitoring of driving behavior. GPS tracking ensures vehicle whereabouts and driving styles are tracked. Real-time data access requires login and vehicle number check-in. Vehicle information, including position, status, and fuel consumption, is displayed on the dashboard.

DriverCare List of Compliance :

  • Driving Logbooks
  • Contain Information (Vehicle Movements and Driver Substitutions)
  • The driver’s name, date, time of birth, time of rest, and travel distance
  • Features : Track Attendance (Check In & Out), Checklist Submission, Emergency Call, Vehicle & Driver Info and License Expiry reminder.

2. GPS Trackers Installation Compliance with APAD ICOP

APAD ICOP Code 13 requires GPS Tracker installation on buses for tracking speed and location. SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System ensures compliance with regulations by tracking various vehicle details. The system records every movement and vehicle status, providing real-time monitoring at operators’ fingertips.

SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System was created with the purpose of complying with APAD ICOP regulations set by the government. Every movement and the vehicle’s current active or inactive status can be tracked and recorded by the system from time to time.

  • The driver’s vehicle status
  • Ignition
  • Initial Drive
  • PTO (Power Take Off)
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Device Status
  • Current Mileage

3. APAD Compliance is Ensured with SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System

APAD ICOP Code 14 mandates continuous speed tracking and prompt action against reckless driving. Fleet operators review GPS monitoring reports for evaluation. SafeTruck’s DriverCare app monitors and controls driving behavior, providing comprehensive driver records, highlighting high-risk profiles, and enhancing fleet management. Real-time GPS data allows for daily performance assessment and regulatory compliance.

SafeTruck’s Fleet Management System ensures regulatory compliance through user-friendly access to real-time vehicle data, IoT integration, streamlined documentation, and easy fleet tracking. The system offers a comprehensive service plan with lifetime hardware warranty, installation, subscription, troubleshooting, and 24/7 emergency support.

There are other regulations that DriverCare follows according to Malaysian Road Transport Department (APAD), in the checklist requirements below :

1. Vehicles Registration and Documents :

  • Vehicle Registration and Documents
  • Driver’s License and Identification
  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • Road Tax Certification

2. Vehicle Exterior and Markings :

  • Vehicle Number Plate
  • Company or Owner’s Identification and Contact Information
  • Reflective Markings and Warning Lights
  • Proper Functioning of Vehicle Lights and Signaling Devices

3. Vehicle Mechanical Condition :

  • Engine Condition and Fluid Levels
  • Brake System and Brakes Functioning Properly
  • Tire Condition and Tire Pressure
  • Suspension System and Shock Absorbers Functioning Properly
  • Steering Wheel and Steering Mechanism Operating Properly

4. Cargo and Load Safety

  • Stability and Secure Fastening of Cargo
  • Overloading of Cargo
  • Cargo Compartment Doors and Fixtures in Good Condition

By utilizing the GPS feature in DriverCare, businesses can access more than just real-time vehicle location information. With advancements in telematics devices, sensors, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), users can now gain a comprehensive understanding of their fleet’s operations. The integration of AI enables businesses to delve deeper into vehicle performance data and make informed decisions. This holistic approach allows businesses to gather insights on compliance, vehicle maintenance and job management,ultimately identifying areas for improvements. Discover how our DriverCare application can enhance your fleet management and drive your business forward. Contact our sales consultants today!


In conclusion, SafeTruck’s DriverCare solution provides an innovative and comprehensive way to manage and improve driving behavior for fleets. By using IoT technology and real-time data analysis, DriverCare helps fleet managers identify risky driving behavior, improve compliance with regulations, and ultimately reduce accidents and operational costs.

The solution has been shown to be effective in improving driver behavior and reducing accidents, as evidenced by customer testimonials and case studies. While there may be challenges in implementing and using the system, the benefits of improved safety and efficiency for fleets make it a worthwhile investment.

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