SafeTruck’s DriverCare Help BZ Movers (GPS vs Profit per Truck)

SafeTruck’s DriverCare Help BZ Movers (GPS vs Profit per Truck)
Version 04/2023 – 15 August 2022 – 3 Minutes

SafeTruck’s DriverCare Help BZ Movers (GPS vs Profit per Truck)


BZ Movers Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2016 in Malaysia and the business includes Logistics and Transportation. It is a transportation company that specializes in moving services. They operate a fleet of trucks and face challenges related to driver behaviour, high maintenance costs, and the need to comply with government regulations enforced by APAD. To address these challenges, BZ Movers implemented SafeTruck’s DriverCare, a GPS-based solution, to improve maintenance cost management, driver behaviour, and overall profitability.


In the competitive transportation industry, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs and key factors for success. BZ Movers, a prominent transportation company, faced challenges related to maintenance costs and profitability. This case study explores how the implementation of SafeTruck’s DriverCare solution transformed BZ Movers’ fleet management practices, leading to increased profitability. 

BZ Movers, like many transportation companies, relied on traditional GPS systems for field tracking and management. However, they encountered various challenges that hindered their profitability. Inefficient route planning, high maintenance costs, and limited visibility into driver behaviour impacted their bottom line. BZ Movers recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that could optimize their fleet operations. 

How SafeTruck Help BZ Movers in Aspect of Cutting Cost 

Optimizing Profitability Through Innovative Solutions 

BZ Movers, a transportation company, faced the challenge of managing high maintenance costs and optimizing their profitability. Typically, maintenance costs accounted for 50% to 60% of their total expenses. Seeking a solution to reduce these costs, BZ Movers decided to implement a GPS system, which proved to be a game-changer for their business. 

After the implementation of the DriverCare, BZ Movers experienced significant savings in maintenance costs. With expenses ranging from RM 12,000 to RM 30,000, these savings had a profound impact on their profitability. By effectively monitoring their fleet’s maintenance needs, BZ Movers adopted a proactive approach to prevent breakdowns and minimize expenses, resulting in improved financial performance. 

Efficiency Enhancement and Driver Management : Beyond Cost Savings 

In addition to the cost-saving benefits, the GPS system provided valuable insights and tools to enhance operational efficiency. With revenue per truck ranging from average 20k and above, BZ Movers aimed to optimize their resources and maximize profitability. By leveraging the GPS system’s features, they were able to streamline routes, minimize fuel consumption,and make informed decisions to improve overall operational efficiency. 

The implementation of the GPS system not only addressed the maintenance cost issue but also had a positive impact on driver behaviour management. BZ Movers recognized that effective monitoring of driver behaviour was crucial for safety, compliance, and operational success. By utilizing the GPS system’s capabilities, they could track driver performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement targeted training programs to promote safe driving habits. 

The cost of driver salaries and fuel expenses also played a significant role in BZ Movers financial management. With driver salaries ranging from above 4k and spending on fuel reaching by almost 10k, optimizing these expenses was essential for profitability. The GPS system provided insights into driver behaviour, allowing BZ Movers to identify inefficient practices, reduce fuel consumption, and improve overall cost management. 

Elevating Profitability Gains : From Financial Success to Safety Enhancement 

Overall, the implementation of the GPS system brought about substantial benefits for BZ Movers. With savings in maintenance costs, improved operational efficiency, better driver behavior management, and optimized expense management, BZ Movers experienced profitability. The GPS system’s impact went beyond cost reduction, enabling the company to enhance safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction. BZ Movers successful implementation of the GPS system showcases the importance of leveraging technology to optimize fleet management and drive financial success in the transportation industry. 

Generally, maintenance costs spent on vehicles are around 50%-60% and managed to save costs around RM 12k-RM 30k after implementing the GPS. 

Feedback from BZ Movers 

It is extremely important for any businesses to maintain customer satisfaction and gain their loyalty as well. Similarly, BZ Movers faced some operational deficiencies which impacted the business bottom line. 

According to the company, 

“Implementing DriverCare resulted in the prevention and reduction of maintenance costs, ensuring compliance with government regulations, gaining a competitive advantage, and enhancing operational efficiency. The user-friendly DriverCare App simplified driver, trip, and vehicle safety management, promoting a culture of safety and accident prevention. 

After implementing the GPS system, BZ Movers achieved measurable results, including substantial savings in maintenance costs and increased profitability per truck.”  

Benefits Gained From SafeTruck’s DriverCare 
  • Prevention and Reduction of  Maintenance Costs : 

By implementing SafeTruck’s DriverCare, BZ Movers experienced significant benefits in monitoring their fleet’s maintenance needs. This proactive approach effectively prevented costly breakdowns and resulted in substantial reductions in maintenance expenses, leading to improved financial efficiency.   

  • Compliance with Government Regulations : 

With the enforcement of regulations by APAD, BZ Movers successfully ensured compliance and avoided penalties by integrating SafeTruck’s DriverCare into their operations. These commitments to regulatory compliance not only protected their business but also reinforced their reputation as a trustworthy and responsible fleet operator. 

  • Competitive Advantage : 

BZ Movers gained a strong competitive edge over rivals who offered limited features at higher prices. SafeTruck’s comprehensive suite of features, coupled with their competitive pricing, positioned BZ Movers as a preferred choice in the market. This advantage enabled them to attract more customers and increase their market share. 

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency : 

SafeTruck’s system revolutionized the way BZ Movers managed their fleet of a few trucks and drivers. With just 10 headcount personnel, they were able to streamline their operations and achieve higher levels of efficiency. This optimized resource allocation, minimized overhead costs, and maximized productivity, contributing to their overall business success. 

  • Simplified Driver, Trip, and Vehicle Safety Management:

BZ MOVERS benefited from the user-friendly DriverCare App, which provided a seamless interface for managing driver behavior, trip information, and vehicle safety. This intuitive platform not only simplified their day-to-day operations but also enabled them to proactively address safety concerns. The app’s prompt notifications ensured that potential issues were swiftly addressed, promoting a culture of safety and preventing accidents.

In summary, SafeTruck’s DriverCare brought a multitude of benefits to BZ MOVERS, including cost savings, regulatory compliance, competitive advantage, operational efficiency, and simplified safety management. These advantages propelled BZ MOVERS towards greater success in their industry and positioned them as a leader in fleet management excellence.


After implementing the GPS system, BZ Movers witnessed significant improvements and achieved measurable results : 

  • Maintenance Cost Savings : The company managed to save between RM 12,000 to RM 30,000 on maintenance costs, representing a substantial reduction. 
  • Profitability Increase : BZ Movers experienced higher profitability, with each truck generating a profit ranging steadily. 

By adopting SafeTruck’s DriverCare and GPS system, BZ Movers successfully addressed their challenges related to driver behaviour and high maintenance costs. The implementation resulted in substantial savings, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced profitability. BZ Movers gained a competitive advantage by offering comprehensive features at a competitive price, positioning themselves as a preferred choice in the market. The collaboration between BZ Movers and SafeTruck demonstrates the transformative impact of advanced technology in optimizing fleet management and driving business success.

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