SafeVision AI Video Safety Reduces Excessive Fuel Usage for City Zone Express Through Aggressive Driving Behavior Monitoring

SafeVision AI Video Safety Reduces Excessive Fuel Usage for City Zone Express Through Aggressive Driving Behavior Monitoring

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SafeVision AI Video Safety Reduces Excessive Fuel Usage for City Zone Express Through Aggressive Driving Behavior Monitoring


A primary concern in various industries revolves around road safety, especially for those who oversee complex fleets of vehicles. It is essential to ensure that drivers consistently comply with safety standards, and proactive identification and mitigating potential risks have become more critical in today’s landscape. This case study highlights the challenges faced by City Zone Express Sdn Bhd. It explores more on how the solution provided by Safevision AI Video Safety achieves reducing fuel usage through aggressive driving behavior monitoring.


City Zone Express Sdn Bhd, a leading urban transportation company, was experiencing high fuel costs due to the aggressive driving behaviors of its drivers. SafeVision, an advanced AI video telematic solution, was approached to analyze, monitor, and address this pressing issue, resulting in lower fuel usage and substantial operational cost savings.

The management at City Zone Express was aware that aggressive driving behaviors were leading to increased fuel consumption and costs. However, they lacked the tools and data necessary to pinpoint specific behaviors and individual drivers responsible. Such aggressive driving practices increased fuel expenses, posed a risk to public road safety, and negatively impacted the company’s reputation.


The business expansion presented Mr. Baldev with numerous challenges in managing his fleet.

“Before implementing SafeVision, City Zone Express management faced challenges in mitigating potential accidents, addressing aggressive driving behaviors, and lacked real-time insights into driver activities, resulting in increased fuel consumption and operational inefficiencies.”

“SafeVision has revolutionized our fleet management, ensuring safety and efficiency in our daily operations. With its advanced collision detection and proactive alerts, we’ve seen a remarkable reduction in potential accidents and associated costs. SafeVision’s ability to monitor and curb risky behaviors, from desktop use to tailgating, has instilled a culture of responsible driving among our team.

One standout impact has been on fuel efficiency, particularly in our operations. SafeVision’s monitoring of aggressive driving behavior has significantly reduced excessive fuel usage. By promoting smoother driving, we’ve witnessed tangible cost savings. We wholeheartedly recommend SafeVision to any business looking to enhance the safety of their fleet for better management.”

-City Zone Express Sdn Bhd


To tackle the challenges faced by City Zone Express, SafeVision AI Video Safety leveraged its sophisticated AI video telematic system, putting forward a meticulous three-phase solution:

  1. Data Collection:

The first stage in SafeVision’s approach is thorough data collection. Using its advanced AI video telematic solution, SafeVision began gathering in-depth information about driving behaviors exhibited by drivers from the client’s company. SafeVision’s system recorded a wide range of data, including vehicle speed, acceleration rates, braking patterns, cornering details and many more features. Through comprehensive telematics tracking, SafeVision gathered a wealth of meaningful data, creating a foundational base for the next steps.

  1. Data Analysis:

SafeVision AI Video Safety conducted thorough data analysis using its exclusive software to identify aggressive driving patterns contributing to the client’s company’s increased fuel costs. The system could pinpoint instances of abrupt acceleration, identify hard braking and sudden cornering habits, and create individual driver profiles to trace aggressive tendencies. This granular data analysis aided in identifying problematic behaviors and the drivers requiring coaching and guidance.

  1. Monitoring and Intervention:

With identified data, SafeVision AI Video Safety empowered City Zone Express to address aggressive driving proactively. The system provided real-time monitoring of driver behaviors, offering instant feedback. This enabled the implementation of targeted training and coaching programs, fostering a safety-first driving environment. Moreover, the system facilitated the creation of incentive schemes based on improved behaviors, significantly reducing excessive fuel usage.


Significant Solution Impact

The implementation of SafeVision’s AI Video Safety solution led to the following critical outcomes for City Zone Express:

  1. Safer Driving Norm:

Within City Zone Express, SafeVision has instilled a culture of safer driving. Drivers are more conscious of their driving practices and are motivated to maintain these safe habits, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the company’s transportation services.

  1. Enhanced Public Safety:

Within City Zone Express, improved driving habits reduced fuel usage and ensured safer roads for the general public, leading to fewer accidents and damage claims.

  1. Lower Operational Costs:

With the decrease in fuel usage, City Zone Express reported a substantial reduction in overall operating costs, positively impacting the company’s financial performance.

  1. Alignment with APAD Compliance:

Utilizing SafeVision also helps in stringent compliance with APAD (Agency for Public and Driver’s Compliance) guidelines. This resulted in minimized risk of compliance-related penalties, fortifying City Zone Express’s reputation and operations.


The collaboration between City Zone Express and SafeVision AI Video Safety exemplifies the transformative impact of advanced AI video telematics on fleet management. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, City Zone Express successfully addressed aggressive driving behaviors, resulting in a safer, more cost-effective operation. The comprehensive solution provided by SafeVision not only improved driver behavior but also had far-reaching effects on the company’s overall performance, enhancing public safety, customer satisfaction, and financial outcomes. This case study is a testament to the positive outcomes achievable through proactive monitoring, intervention, and a commitment to fostering a culture of responsible driving within a fleet-based business. SafeVision’s approach not only tackled immediate challenges but also positioned City Zone Express for sustained success in the dynamic landscape of urban transportation.

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