Trailer Management System with SafeTruck

Trailer Management System with SafeTruck
Version 07/2023 – 5 July 2023 – 3 Minutes

Trailer Management System with SafeTruck

SafeTruck Trailer management system is an RFID IoT device integrated with SafeTruck’s Transport Management Solution to track and manage high-value assets, for example, chassis, roll-off, containers, or trailers. It is used to track the trailer’s location, maintenance, dispatch, load optimization, and scheduling.

Challenges in Trailer Management

“Cargo theft costs the transportation industry over USD$30 billion each year, and this includes stolen cargo, stolen vehicles, and stolen trailers.”

– National Cargo Theft Task Force

Losing a trailer can be a significant setback for any business that relies on transportation and logistics. It can take several challenges for fleet owners such as :

  • Loss of Revenue

Losing a trailer means losing the ability to transport goods, which can result in a loss of revenue. This can have a significant impact on the fleet owner’s bottom line, especially if the trailer was carrying high-value goods.

  • Delayed Deliveries

Losing a trailer can also lead to delayed deliveries which can harm the fleet owner’s reputation and relationship with customers.

  • Increased Costs

Fleet owners may also incur additional costs, such as the costs of replacing the lost trailer.

  • Reduced productivity

Losing a trailer can disrupt the entire supply chain and reduce the productivity of the fleet. The delay in delivery can cause other logistical problems and may even insult dissatisfied customers.

  • Increase in Insurance Premium

The indirect cost will have to be bear by the owner, for example, an increase in insurance premiums, legal fees, etc.

How SafeTruck Trailer Management System Works

SafeTruck Trailer Management System works by installing an RFID tag on the trailer, and an RFID scanner on the prime mover. RFID tag is read when the trailer is connected to the prime mover, real-time data will be tracked until the final location of the dispatched trailer. Data will be sent and stored in our Transport Management System.

Why SafeTruck’s Trailer Management System?

SafeTruck Trailer Management System is the only trailer system in Malaysia.

  • Fully wireless accessory sensors that integrate with SafeTruck Transport Management Solution
  • A durable, waterproof shell built to outlast the harshest conditions
  • you can view your semi trucks from anywhere, whether mobile, desktop, or laptop.
  • Visibility on trailer dispatched location
  • Track maintenance log, tire maintenance log, load optimization
  • Quality of Location data
  • Ease of use
  • 24-hour Customer support

Integration of our trailer tracking system and transport management system, allowing logistics managers to monitor the movement and status of their assets. This information can be used to optimize routing and scheduling, reduce empty miles, and improve delivery times. It can also provide greater control and visibility over the entire transportation network, allowing companies to make data-driven decisions and optimise their operations for maximum efficiency.

Our Customer

“ Before this, we only used the traditional way of trailer management in haulage. After it, we found Safe Truck had the hardware of a trailer management system with RFID that had changed our company’s approach to managing the asset. As we are having problems with data security which is storing and transmitting sensitive data, such as the location and movements of trailers, requires strict security measures to prevent unauthorised access and data breaches. Now we can manage our assets because a trailer management system with RFID is convenient and the data stored are accurate.“

– Green Haulage Sdn Bhd

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