Vision Safety with SafeTruck IoT Devices

Vision Safety with SafeTruck IoT Devices
Version 05/2023 – 15 May 2023 – 3 Minutes

Vision Safety with SafeTruck IoT Devices

Vision Safety With SafeTruck

SafeTruck’s Vision Safety in fleet focuses on three IoT Devices: High-Resolution Dashcam, Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR), Vehicle Camera, and Driver Fatigue Monitoring.

Why do you need Vision Safety

Based on PDRM’s statistics, between January and June 2021, there has been a 28% increase in road accidents relating to lorries, which is about 19,888 lorries in half year time. And 80% of traffic accidents are caused by driver, according to Malaysian institute of road safety Research (Miros) and some of the common causes are:

  • Driver Fatigue and Sleep deprivation
  • Substance Abuse (alcohol and drugs while driving)
  • Distraction while driving (Cellphone, eating and smoking)
  • Speeding and Reckless Driving
  • Records Falsification
  • Negligent Hiring a driver with a history of moving violations or other high-risk indicators
  • In properly Trained Drivers
  • Failing to Maintain Proper Lookout (blindspot)
How do SafeTruck Vision Safety works

High-Resolution Dashcams

Dashcam with 2 lens with front view and inner view (driver). High-resolution dashcams record video footage of the road and surroundings while the truck is moving. They’re usually mounted on the dashboard or windshield and powered by the vehicle’s electrical system. Video is stored on cloud and recorded up to 6 months. They also feature motion and collision detection, GPS tracking, and help improve driver behavior and road safety. Dashcam footage can be used as evidence for insurance or legal purposes.

Vehicle Camera & AI Driver Fatigue Monitoring

A camera will be mounted in the cabin of a vehicle to monitor the driver’s by capturing the driver’s face and tracks eye movements and other physical indicators, such as head position and blink rate. The system then uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze these data and identify patterns that indicate fatigue or distraction. Notification will sent to operator and driver to minimize the risk of accidents.

Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR)

Cameras are installed on the vehicle and connected to the MDVR unit in the cabin (4 Channels – Back View, Right & left View, inner view). The cameras record real-time footage, which is stored on a hard drive or memory card. Authorized personnel can access the footage for review through a device with appropriate software. Additional features include GPS tracking, audio recording, and collision detection to monitor driver behavior and improve safety. MDVR improves safety and accountability by capturing and storing footage for driver training, accident investigation, and legal purposes.

Why Vision Safety with SafeTruck?
  • Real-time online video and data
  • 360 Degree view with high quality video and night vision
  • History trace playback and video record playback for 2 weeks
  • Reduce Distracted Driving with AI powered Fatigue monitoring
    • SafeTruck AI powered fatigue monitoring system will alert both the operator and driver to any instances of fatigue or distraction, to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Reduce fleet expenses
    • Improving driving behavior is an effective way to reduce fleet expenses, as it can help to decrease operational costs, citations, insurance premiums, and maintenance fees for the fleet.
  • Record urgent video when parking
    • With our urgent video recording feature, you can record important events when parking, ensuring maximum safety and security.
  • Remotely update firmware
  • 24 hours support team
  • External power disconnected alarm

Choose Vision Safety with SafeTruck and experience the ultimate in cargo safety and security.

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