Ways How DriverCare Complies with APAD/ICOP GPS Regulations

Ways How DriverCare Complies with APAD/ICOP GPS Regulations
Version 06/2023 – 24 June 2023 – 3 Minutes

Ways How DriverCare Complies with APAD/ICOP GPS Regulations

Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD), formerly known as Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) introduced the Safety Guideline and Industrial Code of Practice (ICOP), requiring fleet operators to install and maintain Global Positioning System (GPS) Trackers on all vehicles as a mandatory component to renew APAD JPJ Permit, in an effort to increase the safety of road users.

Meanwhile, road accidents have steadily increased over the past decades rising from 414,421 in 2010 to 567,516 in 2019. According to the safety guidelines by ICOP of Code 13, operators need to install GPS devices to monitor and gather all essential data regarding the driving speeds, locations, and driving behavior patterns.

According to the provisions of ‘Akta Pengangkutan Awam Darat 2010’ and the implementation of ‘Syarat Am’ of Keperluan Tahap Perkhidmatan (KTP), all operators and licensees of public transportation vehicles are required to make sure each vehicle is outfitted with a GPS and functions to monitor and record all trips. The authorized operator must grant GPS system access and integration as required by APAD. As a result, drivers will be more responsible and fleet operators will know exactly where a vehicle is if it requires assistance. Whether it’s a broken down engine or another emergency, fleet managers can dispatch roadside assistance to aid their driver.

Whether you need real-time data to manage your drivers and vehicles, or GPS recording to comply with the APAD regulations, DriverCare meets your operational needs and is fully compliant with relevant guidelines and regulations. To foster a healthy competition among peers and promote a safe driving culture, GPS will be observed and evaluated through an intelligent analytics dashboard to monitor the current location of fleet vehicles.

DriverCare aims to promote safe driving among fleet operators by monitoring, assessing and evaluating each movement of the road pilots. A good road etiquette is vital as it helps reduce accidents and instills civic-minded driving among the drivers. At the same time, the technology helps drivers to abide by the compliance and improve on-the-job performance whilst lowering operating costs. There have been significant changes in driver’s behaviour after the implementation of our application in just one months time.

Here are some of the ways on how DriverCare helps comply with the GPS regulations set by APAD:

1. Real Time Data

In reference to the APAD ICOP Code 11 driver logbook regulations, drivers’ needs to provide a logbook record for every bus in their fleet. Similarly, in the DriverCare application, fleet operators are required to key in their username and password into the system. They are required to check in with the vehicle number for each trip in order to access the necessary data. Respective vehicle information will be shown on the dashboard with the current location, date, time, status of vehicle, speed of vehicle, and fuel consumption. The application also allows contacts in case of emergencies.

2. Driver Compliance

The application monitors the speed of the vehicle while driving and sends immediate signals if the driver performs hard driving behaviour like exceeding speed limit, sudden acceleration and even harsh braking. The driver behavior score and driver ranking reports will be evaluated and reviewed, thus actions or solutions will be taken against the driver. Disciplinary action or enhancement on driving courses will be given to drivers who drive recklessly on the road. This GPS tracker ensures that drivers are aware of their driving style and promotes a safer road journey for all road users.

3. Fleet Operation Efficiency

Fleet operators must ensure that all their vehicles are equipped with such telematics applications in order to experience smooth fleet operation management. The system can monitor and record every movement and current active/inactive status of the vehicle. This application as mentioned was designed with the regulations set by APAD to promote a road-free of accidents.

With the DriverCare GPS feature, businesses have access to more information than just a vehicle’s location at any given time. Users can now gain a better understanding of their fleet’s functioning because of advancements in telematics devices, sensors, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The advent of AI will help businesses to gain in-depth knowledge of their vehicle performances and make better decisions.Businesses may gain a holistic view of performance and pinpoint improvement areas by gathering knowledge about driver behaviour, compliance, vehicle maintenance, and job management.

Get to know how our DriverCare application can help you better manage your fleet to boost your business. Reach out to our sales consultants today!

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